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Key Worker Learner Driver - Practice on drive to/ from work?

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chuntersalot Sat 18-Apr-20 20:20:25

DS was almost ready to apply for a date to sit his practical test at the point the tests were all cancelled. Driving Lessons with his instructor also stopped at that point.

However apparently there is some way that driving tests for key workers can still be arranged and take place. He has a p/t job in a supermarket (so a key worker) nearly 10 miles away from home. It's a small supermarket in a ruralish location, we are the nearest town. Currently me or DH are driving him to work and picking him up as DS is not insured to drive any of the household cars at the moment. I am thinking of putting DS on the insurance of the smallest car, using the commute as driving practice and then applying for his test date.

I keep hearing that 'learner drivers should not be on the roads' which fits with 'non essential journeys' if the only purpose of the travel is driving practice. Does anyone know if DS would be allowed to drive to and from his place of work? It wouldn't involve any additional journeys than we already doing obviously.

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