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Should I be concerned?

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TDL2016 Sat 18-Apr-20 16:03:28

I think you’re being overly concerned. Get him home wash your hands and relax. Being paranoid won’t help the recovery of someone who has had an operation, best not to worry them.

DumpedByText Sat 18-Apr-20 14:25:23

My boyfriend is in hospital after being admitted from A&E last night.

Nothing life threatening, he has had an op and is coming back today. He was assessed for Covid 19 before they even let him in A&E, no symptoms so seen quickly and seen on the non covid side.

I wasn't allowed anywhere near A&E or into the ward so I'm going back for him now.

What precautions can we take as I'm paranoid he may have been exposed some how.

He went with very little, the clothes he was in, trainers, pj's and wash stuff.

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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