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If this isn’t coronavirus...

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NotPsychosomatic Wed 15-Apr-20 02:38:37

What is it?

I’m sorry - this is long. I’m very grateful to those who keep reading to the end!

So, I have all the classic symptoms of Covid-19 (which I know are very similar to the cold and flu viruses). It started with dizziness, then a fever of over 38, then sweating, shivering, muscle pains, weakness, exhaustion, chest pains, nasal congestion, sore throat and cough. I’m now on Day 6 with no sign of improvement.

Where I live (not the UK) they are no longer testing the general population - TBH I think they are trying to skew the figures in order to make people feel safe about going back to work/school - but nevertheless I managed to get an appointment at the nearest designated testing centre. (My GP will not see anybody with cold/flu symptoms now so you have to go there if you want to see a doctor).

As I thought, they refused to test me for COVID-19, but they did do throat swabs, blood tests, urine tests and xrays, ruling out pneumonia, streptococcus, glandular fever, etc.

Then they said there was nothing wrong with me. They actually suggested that I might just be “stressed”.

Now I feel absolutely at a loss for what to do. I’m the sickest I’ve ever been, going through hell, alone in my room, separated from my husband and two small children... and they think it’s just in my head? Or that I’m so “stressed” that I’m physically manifesting all these symptoms? (BTW I AM stressed, but only because I’m so unwell and I can’t get any medical help and I need to recover quickly for the sake of my family!)

After I left the testing centre I just sat in my car and cried from sheer helplessness and despair. Then I vomited.

Please can someone tell me, what (besides stress) could be causing all of this? Any and all suggestions - besides the ones that have already been ruled out - are welcome.

The doctors genuinely treated me like I was unstable and I need to know that I’m not crazy! It’s not in my head, I know something is wrong, I just can’t get anybody to take it seriously!

(For full disclosure, I have had mental health issues, namely depression, in the past but I am generally really happy now).

mynamesmrdiggety Wed 15-Apr-20 03:01:25

Well it sounds like you do have it, but there's no point in them testing you as there's no treatment. What medical help were you expecting? You are already doing what they'd advise which is self isolating at home.

Womanlywiles Wed 15-Apr-20 03:12:11

Obviously if your symptoms worsen and you get breathless/struggling to breathe go straight to the ER or call an ambulance.Serious cases of COVID-19 are notorious for taking a sudden downturn.

Womanlywiles Wed 15-Apr-20 03:40:51

Here is "Dr Alex" a familiar British face urging people to come in and be seen at the hospital if you are struggling at all, there are concerns some patients are staying at home too long because they do 't want to burden the healthcare system of the country they are in and ending up in a more serious condition.

NotPsychosomatic Wed 15-Apr-20 03:48:15

@mynamesmrdiggety I wasn’t expecting to be diagnosed with COVID-19. I just wanted to find out if it was something else and get treatment for that as I seem to be getting worse every day. As I said, if you show any cold or flu symptoms now, the only place you can see a doctor is at a testing centre, whether you have COVID-19 or not.

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