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Bloody hell there's a seriously dishy doctor on the telly

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AnnUumellemahaye Thu 09-Apr-20 16:33:53

Right now.

Sky news. Dr Javid Abdelmoneim. NHS A&E doctor.

He can stick his speculum down my throat any time.

Since when did doctors start looking like that? shock

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AnnUumellemahaye Thu 09-Apr-20 16:35:03

He really is insanely hot. I suspect he might be gay. No-one is that perfect.

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Blondiney Thu 09-Apr-20 16:36:00

Haha, I knew it would be him before I opened the thread. He's bloody beautiful!

AnnUumellemahaye Thu 09-Apr-20 16:36:09

You can google him, he has loads of photos. Obviously a bit of a rock star in the doctoring world.

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claragolightly Thu 09-Apr-20 16:39:23

I love that guy...follow him on Instagram. He has done a lot of medcin sans frontiers work, and documentaries in refugee camps. Absolute babe!

Gingernaut Thu 09-Apr-20 16:39:32

iVampire Thu 09-Apr-20 16:39:47

That’s a good spot

I have noticed quite a lot of good looking doctors on telly these past few weeks. It’s a necessary public service, furthering the nations morale (I’m including both handsome and pretty ones - plenty for anyone and everyone to admire)

PanicOnTheStreets85 Thu 09-Apr-20 16:40:46

He can stick his speculum down my throat any time.

grin Thanks for the chuckle OP.

WhateverHappenedToBathPearls Thu 09-Apr-20 16:43:04

Agreed OP, he's pretty damn hot blush

Runkle Thu 09-Apr-20 16:44:42

He looks a bit like Dominic West

Emcont Thu 09-Apr-20 16:45:59

Bloody hell blush

welliesarefuntowear Thu 09-Apr-20 16:46:45

Just googled him. Yes he looks good inPPE

UYScuti Thu 09-Apr-20 16:47:11

phwoaaar grin
way outta my league, oh well least I can look at him on the interwebs

The80sweregreat Thu 09-Apr-20 16:48:26

Gosh his gorgeous! Too young for me though. : (

Unevenbeard Thu 09-Apr-20 16:49:57

Just googled, phwoar!

LuckyAmy1986 Thu 09-Apr-20 16:50:20

Oh yes he’s hot!!

Mumdiva99 Thu 09-Apr-20 16:55:27

Well I'm glad there's nothing serious bothering you at the moment and you can waste time googling TV doctors. (Fyi when I googled him the top suggestions were wife or gay.....I think you mumsnetters beat me to it!!)

steff13 Thu 09-Apr-20 16:55:39

I googled him, since I"m in the US. Holy Moses. We have Dr. Acton here in Ohio, and she's smart and on top of things, but I wouldn't mind looking at him every now and again.

Esspee Thu 09-Apr-20 17:27:33

Come on now, admit it, how many of you have just googled him? 🖐

AnnUumellemahaye Thu 09-Apr-20 17:27:59

Would it be shallow to follow him on instagram? blush

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Paddingtonthebear Thu 09-Apr-20 17:28:41


GinWithASplashOfTonic Thu 09-Apr-20 17:31:35


Imagine if Dr Javid Abdelmoneim was checking to your heart rate/ pulse and it came apparent that the reason it was racing. Was because he was in close proximity with a stethoscope

AnnUumellemahaye Thu 09-Apr-20 17:31:51

I shouldn't have put this in the Coronavirus topic really, but that's why he was on the telly. Think of all the poor women who've hidden the topic due to it being depressing who will now not be uplifted by the sight of Dr Javid. sad

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Foghead Thu 09-Apr-20 17:33:51

C’mon @Esspee. It’s our duty to google him so we can exchange opinions on this serious matter.
This is a intellectual forum. Empirical evidence and all that.

Teddypops Thu 09-Apr-20 17:34:05

Good god! He is delicious!

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