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Ilovewalks Tue 07-Apr-20 15:44:36

I didn't go for a walk yesterday and only a short walk round the block the day before.
Been off work since school broke up in the UK so not really been going too far.
Today with the sun shining we went for a nice long walk with the dogs, through the local park and because it was nice out walked up to and through the cemetery so lots of grass and trees.
I never had hayfever when younger and only mild in the last couple of years and I think very mild exercise induced asthma. I didn't check the pollen count because it didn't even cross my mind because it's something I use to do before school and work!
Now I'm coughing with an itchy throat. Not lots but I'm working myself up. Normally it wouldn't even cross my mind but because OH is still working I think that's why I'm worrying.
I've shut all the windows and wont be going out for the next few days but worry the neighbours will hear me coughing and think it's something more. Also other hayfever sufferers what are you doing to reassure yourselves that's its only your hayfever? No sneezing or itchy eyes at the moment.

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nolovelost Tue 07-Apr-20 18:32:46

I can't see that being hayfever if your nose and eyes are unaffected. I have severe hayfever that affects my nose, eyes and ears but I don't think I cough. See if your cough dies down over the next few hours. If not I'd self isolate just in case.

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