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Feel short of breath at night can’t sleep properly

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Glasgowgirl1 Tue 07-Apr-20 02:00:37

I suffer from anxiety and depression, on daily medication. Every night I feel short of breath and not sleeping properly, awake numerous times during the night, wild dreams, eating a lot more “crap” than usual. During the day I need to constantly keep busy, have a DD age 5. Feel totally stressed and can’t cope with all these feelings. Not knowing when I will next see friends/family etc is very hard as I’m sure it is for everyone. Shortness of breath is worrying me, not unusual for me to have this but due to current situation it is worrying me more. Anyone else feel like this? confused

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Joywillcomeagain Tue 07-Apr-20 02:05:11

Oh bless you I'm sure you're not alone. Putting on my completely unqualified medical hat I'd say it sounds like physical symptoms of anxiety.
My sister advised me the other day (on Skype of course) to have a virus free day every week. No one can mention it, no news, social media etc just books nice films nice food and a walk. Did wonders for my mental health. Might be worth a try??

StormsDontLastForever Tue 07-Apr-20 02:05:53

Had a change of name to try lighten my mood hmm

Joywillcomeagain Tue 07-Apr-20 02:06:51

On a more practical note this thread has links to some interesting breathing techniques put up by doctors on you tube

StormsDontLastForever Tue 07-Apr-20 02:10:39


Yes definetley feels like a symptom of my anxiety, usually I can reign it in but not the last few days. Go for a daily walk everyday with dog. Feel like I am not checking news etc as much as I was last week but still have all the thoughts running in my head. What a horrible time for the world. Thank you I will have a look at the link just now flowers stay safe.?

StormsDontLastForever Tue 07-Apr-20 02:25:28

Sorry I have just realised there are numerous threads like mine, I am new to MN and first time posting today

Archieboo20 Fri 17-Apr-20 10:53:35

hi I also have been having random episodes of shortness of breath and it's really starting to worry me I have a son who is just 5 months I also suffer from anxiety anxiety quite a bit my other half thinks its hayfever as wasnt aware could develop anytime (never suffered from it ) I am not sure that it is as seems to happen alot at night last night went to bed early and when my OH came up I had to go downstairs as felt like I was trying to control my breathing was waking him and the baby up I am not sure if it's all this virus related anxiety it seems ok during the day just at night

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