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whattodo2019 Mon 06-Apr-20 18:10:46

I have been trying to stay calm but the reality is I am terrified of my asthmatic son getting CV19.
But, do I need to be so concerned? Yes he has a brown inhaler which he takes twice a day and he also has a blue ventolin inhaler. He uses the blue one occasionally. He is able to exercise without needing his blue inhaler.
What level of asthmatic do you think you need to be for CV19 to be a huge risk or do we simply not know?
We live rurally. He isn't going to any shops only out on a rural walk or bike ride where he doesn't see anyone.
For everyone to move forward, do we all need to be exposed to CV-19?
I am finding it all so overwhelming at the moment, I just want to hide in my bedroom...

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DragonMamma Mon 06-Apr-20 18:13:59

Try not to worry. I have/had CV and my asthma is quite bad (I use my ventolin most days and could never exercise without it) and I was also petrified of getting it.

Whilst it hasn’t been the best couple of weeks, I’ve managed.

That’s not to say every asthmatic will be OK in the same way not every asthmatic will be desperately unwell.

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