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how faint does the blue line have to be?

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Flatron Wed 17-Aug-05 11:51:51

have done clearblue test today and there is a strongish negative line and the most faint, barely detectable cross (positive) line. my AF isnt really due for a week. what do you think?

tortoiseshell Wed 17-Aug-05 11:53:48

I believe that any line is a line iyswim - which would mean you were pregnant!

Lizzylou Wed 17-Aug-05 11:54:21

I had the very same result with Clearblue and am now 11 weeks........

missycantstop Wed 17-Aug-05 12:09:16

i could only see the line when i put it to sunlight but i was still pregnant. hope that helps.

missycantstop Wed 17-Aug-05 12:11:15

doctor also told me a positive is a positive. i didnt believe him so decided to do another test. doctor was right all along. my son is now 3weeks old

Flatron Wed 17-Aug-05 12:19:17

I am not sure whether I am imagining the line or not - when i hold it in the shade I can JUST see something. oh well I suppose I'll have to wait a few more days.Thanks

jersey Wed 17-Aug-05 14:45:33

Hi with my DS I did a clear blue test when I was 2 days late and the line was very faint, we were unsure. So did the one which gives you a pink dot twice and they went pink. I think it said that the later you are the fainter the line, or something like. Don't know if that helps!

starlover Wed 17-Aug-05 14:46:34

how long ago did you do the test?
because a lot have a time limit and over that limit what you see is not accurate

missycantstop Wed 17-Aug-05 15:01:49

personally i think first response the test you can do 4 days b4 your period is due is the best test to do, so if you don't mind spending a bit more i would suggest it.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Wed 17-Aug-05 15:28:12

I had faint lines with both my pregnancies when i tested early and dark lines when tested after af due

meggymoo Wed 17-Aug-05 15:30:19

Message withdrawn

Busyalexsmummy Thu 18-Aug-05 14:00:53

thought id add my two penneth- if your ttc and regulary buying tests try ebay, i bought 3 tests on there for about £1.20 and they are the most sensitive you can get they measure 10MIU,(most shop brands ie clearblue etc test 20/25/50MIU)

Worriedbev Thu 18-Aug-05 15:14:20

I did a clearblue about a week before my af was due and got which I thought was a line but really had to strain my eyes and thought I was imagining it but then 4 days later did another one and there was a definite dark line, so keeping everything crossed for you. I cheated on the first test and took the test apart and saw the line very clearly, perhaps you could do that and done one a few days later. Mine came through for me so perhaps yours will too.

fuzzywuzzy Thu 18-Aug-05 15:16:58

The line on my test was so faint I nearly went cross eyed checking to see if it was real or not.... it was definitely positive though, dd1 is testimony to it.


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