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Help please! Odd things happening

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larakitten Thu 12-Nov-09 11:42:39

Hi there, we're trying to conceive DC#2, and I'm having weird things happen this month!

About a week after OV, I started vomiting, feeling sick, was very dizzy, developed enormous veiny boobs and could have slept for scotland. Felt exactly like when I was preg with DD.

My period is now 3-6 days late, but I've had 3 BFN tests. Now getting weird brownish-red spotting that looks nothing like the start of my period (sorry if TMI!!) Still sick, still with weird boobs - WFT is going on?

Any ideas/opinions? We're going nuts not knowing!

lucybrad Thu 12-Nov-09 16:07:43

sound like your pg??? Maybe its a shy one?

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