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Has anyone ever dreamt they are pregnant with twins before they even have a late period?

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bridgetsbf Wed 28-Oct-09 23:32:26

I have a little one who is under one and I find myself each month (tho there is little to no chance as we take precautions) thinking I am pregnant. This month we he used the withdrawal method and i'm almost due to come on and last night I had the same dream three times about taking a test as I have done a lot of months since having my baby as my periods have been strange and I seem to be paranoid (i know this probably sounds silly, I do want more children but not so soon and unplanned as last time) Anyway in the dream I don't think I am but it comes up with three pink lines and the word 'twins' in pink. I have no idea why I am dreaming about this but I was just interested to know if anyone had experienced this before or just thinks it's a load of nonsense that dreams have meanings in terms of your fertility?

lucybrad Thu 29-Oct-09 09:01:57

I think your worried about getting pregnant and that is why you are having these dreams, as its spilling over into sleep time.I also think maybe you should look at another form of contraception, if you want to wait a while before getting pg. inevitable those that dont want to catch will, and those that do wont wink

bridgetsbf Thu 29-Oct-09 11:23:57

I think you might be right, I do tend to have a lot of dreams and getting pregnant again is in the back of my mind all the time as I so want next time to be as wonderful for both me and my partner as it was the final few months before our baby arrived, it caused a big rift at first and feeling lonely in the first few months was the worst thing I've ever experienced. We don't usually use the withdrawal method we just got carried away once this month but I do agree with needing to find a fool proof method until we are ready again. I haven't come on yet but maybe that is because it's on my mind since that dream. Thanks for replying

lucybrad Sat 31-Oct-09 10:50:35

I dreamed of paris hilton last night - we were going on a holiday and kept missing the ferry! i was getting madder and madder. Dreams .... what are they like!

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