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coming off pill

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webby81 Wed 28-Oct-09 21:45:21

Hello wondering if anyone can help, i came off the pill(marvelon) 2nd sept had a withdrawl bleed on the 5th sept for 5 days then nothing for a week or so then a few days of spotting, then nothing after another week or so a jelly like discharge with blood in it then nothing since!! have no idea when or if i will have a period bit concerned?! really want to conceive but not sure whats going on with my body yet? i have sore boobs, hot flushes, feeling a little bit sickie in mornings, bloated but negative preg test?!!??!?!?!?!?

Poohbearsmom Wed 28-Oct-09 22:15:17

Start ur folic acid if ya havnt already... When i came off da pill i was similar bleeding/spotting alot, jus our bodies way of adjusting i think... I was told its gud for the body to hav a break between coming off the pill and gettin preg, but i got preg very soon after myself... Its never any harm to pop to ur g.p's for a chat if ur worried but i dont think u need to b... Best of luck wit ttc

Cosmosis Wed 28-Oct-09 22:30:36

you may find that it just takes a while to get your first period I'm afraid. I had my withdrawal bleed, then nothing for over 4 months. For most people it doesn't take anything like that long though. Good luck with ttc.

Molly79 Thu 29-Oct-09 13:58:07

I came off of the pill 3 weeks ago (mycrogynon) and I feel terrible! Had my withdrawal bleed and some spotting last week. But now I am being sick, hot sweats, so tired I can't even explain it, horrible taste and cramps. I am off to buy some folic acid today to see if that will help!

webby81 Thu 29-Oct-09 20:03:44

hello ive been taking pregnacare for a while now and doing allthe other things like avoiding drinking etc..., sure my body like you say will just take a while for the hormones from the pill to all come out of system before gets back to normal, whats the signs of ovulation as think i may of ovulated this month i got clear sticky stretchy mucous? can you still ovulate if your not having periods?

molly79 ive been feeling really exhausted and hot sweats and feeling sicky maybe its the effects of coming off the pill but im not sure?

I suppose i just thought i would come off the pill and get my period straight away? just got to try and be patient i suppose and keep fingerscrossed, i may pop to drs if no period by 3 months thanks for your advice

webby81 Mon 02-Nov-09 20:26:29

got period today!! so hopefully body getting back to normal!!

Sophieee Thu 05-Nov-09 17:20:14

Hiya Im very confused at the moment, because in 2007 i had the implant but i was bleeding for about 3 weeks out of each month i had that for about a year and half, so decided to have it taken out, i then straight away from the day the implant way taken out went on the pill, i was on the pill for about 4months, then came off. Because my temper and sex drive were just ruined by it. So now for about 2years am not on any kind of conticeptive drug
Ive now been off the pill for about a month and a bit, But obv since being on some kind on conticeptive i have no idea when my period is due or anything.

Ive been having sex with my boyfriend with out a condom ( i know its very stupid) but before he ejaculates he does put one on, This is probs been happening for about a month and a bit now. And well still no period, ive been getting alot of belly pain and going to the toilet every hour or so, my breasts are quiet tender.
I got a pregnacy test today, but it says about taking it a few days before your period but i have no idea.

I know its alot to read but if anyone could get back to me it would really help, im very stuck at the moment! Thanks alot

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