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so explain this bleeing then...

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yellowflowers Wed 28-Oct-09 09:59:08

Another thread started by me but this one about bleeding.

Cycle day 17 yesterday and had hospital appt. Doctor wanted to swab for chlamydia etc before going ahead with HSG appt in due course. She roughly showed the metal thing up me (what's it called - the thing the put in you when you have smear test) and I felt her move the swab around. Swab came out covered in blood and she said you;re bleeding, your period is starting.

I said it's def not my period - unheard of for me to have 17 day cycle. She said in that case it's unexplained bleeding but nothing to be worried about.

Bleeding was little - completely gone a few hours later.

Well, I think she caused the bleeding by roughly shoving metal thing up me. She says not. So some options:

- beginning of period - def is not and bleedinghas stopped.

- she caused it - fine, wish she had just said so though

- implantation bleed - ooh, I so wish. But that would be one helluva coincidence that it happened at the very moment a doctor had metal thing up my nethers

- unexplained bleeding - in which case surely I should be worried though she said not to be.

Any thoughts?

Joolsiam Wed 28-Oct-09 10:09:47

I used to bleed whenever I had a smear - each time it meant the lab couldn't use the sample and I had to be re-tested - happened 5 times in a row I think.

yellowflowers Wed 28-Oct-09 10:12:47

Hi Jools - been thinking of you this week. Yes - I think maybe she was just a bit cak handed. Hope she can use my sample though.

earplugs Wed 28-Oct-09 10:20:12

Hi Yellow, I don't think its anything to worry about. I bleed at almost every smear (although results come back normal). Nurses have just said its not unusual, could be a 'cervial erosion' which isn't as bad as it sounds or just a delicate cervix. I just put it down to the fact my cervix doesn't appreciate being roughly scraped with a dry cotton bud!

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