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Going back on the pill to gain some control...

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backonthepill Tue 27-Oct-09 16:06:28

I have been having a really hard time dealing with the emotions of trying to conceive. I have no children, I am 39 and miscarried the only pregnancy I achieved in 2 years of trying.

I am starting to get terribly wound up almost every day and yesterday started to wonder if perhaps the best thing to do is just give up.

So - has anyone here or would anyone here consider going back on the pill just because it no longer seems worth the hassle?

SpookyTeaFan Tue 27-Oct-09 16:41:07

Going back on the pill seems a little extreme unless you really have had enough and don't want to TTC anymore. A couple of months ago DP and I had a month 'off' and just didn't do it at the 'right' times, it gave us something back as a couple and also gave me the relief of not constatly wondering if I was pregnant for 2 weeks!

Have you had any tests or don't you want to go down that road? There is a lot of help out there and some things are really simple to treat. I have also heard that acupuncture, reflexology and hypnotherapy really help even if it is just for relaxation.

Hope that helps and good luck smile


backonthepill Tue 27-Oct-09 17:00:55

Thanks for the response. I have had several tests and am on clomid. Up until now I haven't felt like I could take a break because I am supposed to keep taking the Clomid but that runs out in December. I am thinking that perhaps I should just accept that it's unlikely I will get pregnant. I don't want IVF. I had reflexology for a while but found it to be unhelpful. To be honest I just feel like rather than taking a break foe a while - which wouldn't really be a break because I would still be hoping every month that I might be pregnant, it might be best to make sure I can't get pregnant, tell everyone who keeps sending me links to hebalists that I am stopping, and just try to get back to normal life.

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