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friend having trouble getting pg... would like to help

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pud1 Mon 19-Oct-09 11:49:04

i am friends with a couple who have been trying for 3 years. i am close to the husband but know the wife well ( they are both my dds godparents. they have been trying for ages. we do talk about it sometimes and i find that she really has no idea what is out there for her. she only ovulates about every 3/4 months. she has tried taking temps and counting days but has had no luck.
last time we talked about i mentioned clomid and she said that she has never heard of it. she is reluctant to go for test and investigate further as she is afraid of the outcome ( which i understand compleatly).
my point is that she is very uninformed and her husband asked me to email her some info but i am not sure how she owuld take it, i dont want her to think iam interfering. any advise would be appreciated

babyboom1979 Mon 19-Oct-09 12:25:44

I think it is very kind of you to want to help. When my husband and I were facing the fears of infertility, the one thing that spurred me on to having investigations done was knowing that there are very few fertility-related conditions that can not be treated. Both natural and assisted conception solutions exist for everything from PCOS to endometriosis to blocked fallopian tubes. If she isn't ovulating regularly, there are several options out there to help her fall pregnant.

I don't know how old your friend is but three years is far too long to wait to get help -- especially if she is nearing her mid to late 30s. Her fears are stopping her from having the family that she (in all liklihood) would be able to have with a bit of help from a doctor.

Funnily enough in our case, after all my stress, the problem ended up residing with my husband! So if she is having tests done, her husband's sperm should be checked as well. And like women's fertility issues, a myriad of treatments (both natural and assisted) exist to help men.

I don't think there is anything wrong with you offering a bit of advice and encouragement. I can't imagine that she would take it badly if your email is worded in a kind and sensitive manner.

All the best

bitchyfanny Tue 20-Oct-09 14:25:43

maybe you could recommend mumsnet to her!!!

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