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Can you get a false positive if you test too early?

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ixel Sun 05-Jun-05 07:36:36

I havent been on mumsnet for ages... too busy with toddler etc.... but now I'm running back for advice as I'm all of a fluster. My period is 'due' today, although its been a little bit random, but the last 2 months have been regular. I couldn't resist doing a pregnancy test because it was sitting there looking at me! Its a clearblue, and I've got a verical and a horizontal, both quite feint compared to the indicator line, but there nevertheless. Do you think its true? Or did I do it too early?

sparklymieow Sun 05-Jun-05 07:38:20

A line's a line, congratations!!!

bobbybob Sun 05-Jun-05 07:40:21

Only false negatives from testing too early. Congrats.

ixel Sun 05-Jun-05 07:40:44

Do you really think so?? I've got tummy ache like I'm due on, which makes me skeptical, but then again I had that throughout my entire pregnancy last time! Maybe you shouldn't have said congrats, as its filling me with hope

sparklymieow Sun 05-Jun-05 07:41:48

buy another test today and do another one.

ixel Sun 05-Jun-05 07:43:53

I will... I did 5 last time, and made dh do one to prove they weren't designed to all be positive! Maybe I should leave it a couple more days, if I can stop myself...

ladymuck Sun 05-Jun-05 07:48:23

Assuming that you haven't been taking any fertility drugs, then congratulations!

ixel Sun 05-Jun-05 07:52:49

Nope, taking nothing! Have been eating choc and drinking coffee though, so if am pregnat, then the poor little thing is off to a bad start already!
I think I'm also in disbelief because it only took us one attempt the last time, but this has been 3 months of trying. Which I know is not a long time, but it feels it.
The funny thing is, why do I believe mumsnetters more than a perfectly tangible test in my hand?!

spagblog Sun 05-Jun-05 07:53:19

LOL at you making your DH do one!

ladymuck Sun 05-Jun-05 07:56:55

If it is any help I felt on both pgs that I was defo due on, and not pg at this stage (both were IVF so I knew dates etc quite precisely!)

ixel Sun 05-Jun-05 08:04:47

Thanks, that does help. But I think I'll go and dig out all my pregnancy books and scour them too! I did my first test in Starbucks toilet last time; I think it'd only be fitting to do a retest there this time

ladymuck Sun 05-Jun-05 08:11:03

DH knew I was addicted when I went to buy a test with him and I was 20 weeks pg....

ixel Sun 05-Jun-05 12:34:02

Well, i'm back from Boots, and the second one has come up with a feint line too.Still not very strong, but I guess 2 feint ones are more convincing than one!Its an early response one too, which reassures me a bit even though I've been a bit irregular.
Now you all have to forget I said anything incase its false, or at least until my dating scan

Tabs Sun 05-Jun-05 12:45:23

Congrats Ixel!

Do come and join us on the due in feb thread where we can all share our lack of symptoms and disbelief at being pregnant!

sparklymieow Sun 05-Jun-05 12:58:40

I had two faint ones with dd2, doctor said I was pregnant and I was!!!

lunachic Sun 05-Jun-05 12:59:57

doubt it -congrats !

Frizbe Sun 05-Jun-05 13:28:41

Wow congrats!

Nemo1977 Sun 05-Jun-05 13:36:16

ixel ur pg hun and dont worry about the aches i have had them a lot with this baby and apparently its more common second time arouns as everything stretches a lot feb baby for u then

Rachey1969 Sun 05-Jun-05 16:57:47

No I don't think so! Only false negatives. Congrats!

Missmibaby Tue 14-Jun-05 15:33:58

I've just done two tests: 1st faint line
2nd nothing

What should I do now. I am 2 days overdue.

Desperatly wanting no.2

RachelRog Tue 14-Jun-05 16:39:09


I would have thought that the line would have been alot clearer if it has been over a week since you did your first faint test......I tested a faint positive 6 days ago one day before my period was due. Tested again today and very, very dark lines now as HCG levels will be alot higher.

Sounds a bit confusing to me!!

Missmibaby Wed 15-Jun-05 14:41:24

Sorry - didn't make it clear - I did the second test about two hours later!!

Guess I should wait a few days.

Congratulations by the way!!

Diddle Thu 16-Jun-05 13:59:51

you should all go out and buy clearblue digitals from boots there on offer and it will say pregnant or not pregnant. then you will know for sure.


aloha Thu 16-Jun-05 14:01:10

You are pregnant! Congratulations and hooray!

koalabear Thu 16-Jun-05 14:08:55

first one faint = with child = congrats

second test two hours later = not enough hormone built up in urine to register = still pregnant (that's why it is best to test first thing in morning when most concentrated)

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