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Could it have been implantation on first month off Cerazette?

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sophie86 Mon 14-Sep-09 11:22:40

I started taking Cerazette in June/July 2008. I fully admit that I am quite possibly the worst pill taker ever and usually missed about 1/3 of my pills so AF tended to visit whenever she felt like it. I last had AF on August 21st 2009 which is the day I stopped taking Cerazette as we are ttc. Because I’d had AF I hoped my cycle would be ok. If everything was normal I should have been fertile 1st-6th, ovulating on the 5th. On Friday 11th September I had cramping on my right side, getting milder and moving into the middle later in the morning. (I was hoping this was implantation because there was also a very pale pink stain in my pants when I got up on Friday morning).The mild cramping continued over the weekend, along with some increased discharge, mildly achy breasts and being really thirsty. I did a hpt on Saturday morning knowing it would be negative and it was, I’m going to do another tomorrow and then wait and see if AF arrives (she’s expected in about a week). Does anyone know if it would even be possible for me to have conceived yet?

sophie86 Mon 14-Sep-09 11:28:16

I'm 23, don't know if that helps but I'd like to think time is on my side, having said that I only have one ovary...I had the left one removed 9 years ago after an ovarian cyst

monthlymayhem Mon 14-Sep-09 23:48:41

There is hope! I conceived ds1 (no 18mths) 1 month after stopping Cerazette and I'd been on the pill for 10 years up until then I remember reading somewhere that you can have increased fertility after finishing Cerazette in particular hmm

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