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Would you take a pregnancy test in this situation?

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Disenchanted3 Sat 05-Sep-09 10:51:35


im on the pill, but had a bad month and fogo to take one just before halfway through pack.

When I finished my pack, i usually start to bleed within 24 hours but It was about 5 days before it started, I had period pains during the 'no bleeding' time,

then when it did start it was very light and only lasted about 3 days, (sorry for TMI) but the tampons only had small amounts on and during the 3 days only 1 got 'full'. I usually bleed for 6-7 days and have to change them regularly as they get very full.

Also when I have my 7 day break I get terribly ill with migranes,

I did not this time.

I stopped bleeding 2 days ago but still ahve period pains.

Does this sound suspect?

Have had a bad feeling about this and was so relieved when AF finally appeared to start but its been so far from my normal period Im still worrying.

rainbowdays Sat 05-Sep-09 10:55:16

Take a test to put your mind at rest. It is unlikely that you are pregnant but if it was an implantation bleed then you should get a positive test by now. So take a test and trust a negative result to mean that all is ok!

Disenchanted3 Sat 05-Sep-09 11:01:42

Yea, will do, pains thing is worrying me the most with the very light/short bleed,

definatly not had these period pains after a period before.


Disenchanted3 Sat 05-Sep-09 15:07:37

DH is being an arse with me and saying Im wasting money.

But I just went to bed for a few hours and am having strong period pains still and there is nothing there at all

nappyaddict Sat 05-Sep-09 15:09:50

Asda and Sainsbury's both do good cheap HPTs. You can get one in Home Bargains and the pound shop aswell called Suresign. It's the same as the Asda and Sainsbury's one but in a different box.

Disenchanted3 Sat 05-Sep-09 15:17:46

im getting tescos online, ill add one to that

ive honestly had a shit feeling about this since the beggining of the month

Northernlurker Sat 05-Sep-09 15:20:42

Hope you get the result you want. You maybe need to think about your method of contraception as well if you really don't want another baby. Might be as well to consider something that can't be forgoten - coil, implant or injection? Or the snip for dh?

Disenchanted3 Sat 05-Sep-09 15:29:25

They wont snip him NL as hes only 24

I am very sensitive to hormonal contraception, Ive tried a lot of diff pills since being 15 and this is the only one that doesn't make me ill ALL month - only on my break and thats the best Ive managed upto now,

so Id be wary of something like the injecton where it could make me very ill and not be stopped / taken out.

Northernlurker Sat 05-Sep-09 19:07:46

No that is a bit young for the snip. What about a copper coil - or the pill plus condoms?

TotalChaos Sat 05-Sep-09 19:10:19

I'ld do a test, given you can get them very cheaply these days - but it's unlikely if you are on a combined pill that one day mid packet would be a huge risk - as it's the first 7 after the break that are the really risky ones to miss. btw I also had the migraine problem on the combined pill, so I was recommend to only have a break every 3 packs.

LuluMaman Sat 05-Sep-09 19:12:40

you;v ehad this issue before haven;t you? before you went on hols recently?

have you ever seen a family planning nurse or GP? you need proper advice re contraception

either copper coil or pill and condoms might be best for you?

but you should see someone for specilaist advice

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