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TTC-When is it ever going to happen???

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pumpkinjoy Wed 02-Sep-09 13:46:59

Hi I am very new to mumsnet and wanted to have a bit of a moan! TTC for 19 months with no luck. Having all tests done at the moment and want to hear from anyone else in a similar situation. Now at the stage where we've been referred to the local hospital(although don't know if it's good success wise)G.P. very good but I feel so frustrated at the thought of being told more bad news-I didn't ov last month and that was my day21-typical!Sperm tests were 'okay'. Don't know what else to say as feel have come to bit of a standstill. Want things to progress-QUICKLY!! Would love to hear from anyone who can help or in a similar position and just give/receive support.

PicknMix Wed 02-Sep-09 14:36:14

Hi Pumpkinm

Its totally destroying isn't it? We've been ttc for over 3 yrs now and have just one miscarriage to show for it....

I think its great that you've been referred to the hospital now as hopefully they will come back to you with an appt. In that appt you need to go armed with all your recent and relevant test results and make sure you get some answers from them.

When I was referred they organised further blood tests and I have also had an internal scan (with the 'dildocam') which showed any problems such as cysts etc.I was also given an HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) scan (where they shoot dye up your bits to see whether your tubes are blocked).

I'm now on Clomid and awaiting a referral for IUI.

But you are way off that, my main advice would be to make sure you use any appt's to really question them. I went armed with a list as I always forget things when in a stressful situation! I just handed the list over to the consultant.

My PCT has been pretty abysmal but others seem to have it really sussed so hopefully yours will be great.

Best of luck to you

PnM x

stuckLM Wed 02-Sep-09 14:43:24

Hey me and my partner have been trying for about 27 months now and have conceived once which turned out to be ectopic sad. You've just got to keep positive it sometimes just takes a bit longer than you originally anticipated. With my ectopic i had to have a tube removed which means i only have one left now. and they think that the other one may also be blocked. sometimes it feels so hard when people around me are just getting pregnant. but i know that even if it is blocked there are always other options such as IVF. Im sure your fine anyway and if there is a problem then your doing the right thing buy getting checked out. Im sure you will have a little bundle of joy very soon. Lots of very sticky baby dust to you hunny xxxx smile(please try and stay positive)

skihorse Wed 02-Sep-09 14:46:58

Have you tried booking a very expensive & exotic holiday? Applying for your dream job? Buying the smallest tightest most expensive jeans and high-heeled shoes you can find? wink

It's shit isn't it.

pumpkinjoy Wed 02-Sep-09 16:38:01

thank you so much already for your comments and tips. It feels reassuring to know that there are others out there when every other friend is getting preggers at the drop of a hat or more sensitive ones don't want to tell you their news. It makes me feel bad in a way as I know people do have problems getting there and it is such a sensitive personal subject. I do have friends who are also having problems TTC but I sometimes feel bored with myself going on/thinking about it all the time. Is hard not to when that is all you want from life!-SO dramatic!skihorse I have done the expensive holiday,shoes,clothes etc all that's left is the job!! I agree with you the whole situation is shit! stuckLM your situation sounds so heart breaking-am so sorry. Keep telling myself and you keep thinking positivity is the key-We will all have our bundles of joy one way or another. We can't let it take over our whole lives. PicknMix Thank you so much for all your tips-am thinking all those things as I was quite dumbstruck at GPs last night and felt a bit silly forgetting what date my last AF was! DH sat there really annoyingly so I just burst into tears-Feel so stupid and not in control! How is the clomid going? I hear its not the nicest thing to experience but if it brings a DD or DS it will be well worth it. terrible about your PCT-its all very unfair. Anyway,thanks all for the comments-I was unsure I'd get any replies-Feels nice to have/give support-like am doing something worthwhile. Big hug and we'll get there!xx

losingallhope Thu 03-Sep-09 08:42:31

Pumpkin, I'm sure we will all laugh about this one day as we hold our bundles of "joy".
Good that there are so many lovely people on mumsnet having a shit time to share with us.
Am day 32....too early to test. Just wish AF would come instead of making me start to wonder. Hope your referral comes through q uickly.

If it is ovulation, am sure they can sort you out it's just the waiting...sad

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