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Newbie needs ya help please x

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Annaleaze Mon 17-Aug-09 11:07:13

Hi everyone, i've been reading your posts and thought i'd share my current situation in the hope someone somewhere maybe able to advise me or explain a few things? I'm 26 with a daughter of 4, i had a miscarriage in feb and since that day my periods have been up to 45days apart? I've been to doctor and he's referred me to fertility clinic but i have to wait until nov for my appointment! He said they'll probably give me clomid as he did a blood test to test my progesterone and it was a really low number, can't remember which tho. And he said my body's not ovulating? But my last period was 22nd july and my boobs are killing me! So i don't know if this means maybe i'll actually come on on time this month or if my body's just laughin at me lol. I've only just got over my loss of feb, but it can be so depressing i'm fed up with every month getting so excited only to read a negative, really hurts. What's going to happen when i go to the fertility clinic and is there nothing else my doctor can do to help me? Any advice is really appreciated X

MamaKaty Mon 17-Aug-09 13:06:43

Hi - welcome to Mumsnet. I'm really sorry to hear about the difficulties that you've been having and I hope you'll find the support here that you're looking for.
It seems like your Doctor is taking your concerns seriously if he's already referred you to a fertility clinic. Most GPs advise waiting a few months following a miscarriage before trying to conceive again to allow your body to recover, and then most will not start fertility tests until you have been trying for a year - although every month feels like a lifetime to you, be patient and try to have faith in your body.
You don't sound very optimistic about getting any help from the fertility clinic but try to look on the positive side - the fact that your body has managed to conceive twice before means that it IS possible for you! And with the right medical support there is no reason to expect it to fail.

I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful - just try to keep things in perspective and have a little bit of faith in your body.

Good luck x

Annaleaze Mon 17-Aug-09 14:17:37

Thank you for replying, i know what your saying about having faith just very tough isn't it. My heart goes out to all those who are strugglin to have their first, and am extremely grateful i have my first miracle, and that she was! When she was born i was told there was no way i should have carried her! My blood should have rejected her, but she stayed! So i do have faith i just don't know if i can cope with anymore losses, i lost one before i had dd too. Its a boost to have your view on my doctor tho, i thought all doctors referred you straight away! X

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