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TTC 9 months after c-sec with pretty bad back pain...bad idea?

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Chulita Fri 14-Aug-09 18:47:37

DD is nearly 9 months, ideally we'd like to have children quite close in age. I feel really ready to start TTC after our holiday in a couple of weeks. Trouble is I've got pretty bad back pain after having DD, I had an em c-sec and it took me quite a long time to recover - I still get burning pains every now and then on one side. I did want to wait to see if I could sort my back out but after 6 months of physio and 6 weeks of osteopathy I'm wondering if it's worth waiting or whether I should just crack on with the next.
I'm also very scared of the whole labour thing since the last one was long, drawn out and got risky at the end but I don't want a fear of labour to stop me having another DC...
Just blithering really but any thoughts would be appreciated. Anyone who got pregnant with pre-existing back pain, anyone who's terrified of labour, anyone who got pregnant with a 9 month old - please share your experiences!

decafgirl Wed 19-Aug-09 22:37:03

Hello! I too had a long labour which resulted in an emergency section and I really wouldn't have considered another pregnancy so soon. Its a totally personal decision obviously but I think there's a recommended wait time of at least a year.

If I was you I'd seek advice from your physiotherapist and your gp (or the health visitor) and get a professional point of view. I think you're a very brave lady to even consider a 2nd so soon! I had an op on my leg last summer and that, coupled with the endless exhausion has put me off - until xmas at least! My little one has just turned

Keep me posted and good luck! xx decaf

emma2617 Fri 21-Aug-09 15:15:14

hey! I have a 5 month old and the labour was horrible! 36 hours of contracting (24 of which i was less that 3cm but in LOADS of pain as he was back to back!) had epidural which did nothing and because of his position i didnt get past 8cm and he didnt descend properly. My body statrted pushing (i had no control over it!) but as he wasnt positioned correctly he got distressed. They attached a scalp electrode, then took bloods from his scalp that revealed he was in serious distress...then came the crash section, it was 5 minutes between them making the decision and me being under general anesthetic! I also took a very long time to recover and have been diagnosed with PND all related to the birth.

I am currently waiting to find out if im pregnant (an accident but now if im not we will be trying!!). I have decided that next time i will have an elective section so that i am in control. Also if you are prepared for the section and you know what to expect chances are the recovery will be a lot quicker and easier.

As for having another baby so soon, a few years ago everyone had babies with an age gap of 18-24 months so it cant be impossible!!

I suffer from mld back pain from falling whilst i was pregnant but i can handle it, it just depends how much you can cope with your back.

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