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sorry to go on

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JackJacksmummy Wed 12-Aug-09 08:22:49

AF is one week late today and still nothing, had sex last night to try and coax it, had some pink mucus after the deed when i went to the loo but has come to nothing.

Giving in to curiosity today and am testing later today, I am quite nervous as i have 3 children and i think everyone will think i am mad to have a 4th, we did actually want 4 but wanted to wait til the youngest had started school next september (2010) but if i am then it will only be a few months earlier i suppose.

Have been having a few af type cramps here and there, clear jelly like discharge, AND sore boobs which i squeezed and did leak a few drops of breast milk which i found to be odd.

Will update later xx

mampam Wed 12-Aug-09 09:43:35

It does seem a bit odd that AF is late.

Let us know as soon as you've tested smile

JackJacksmummy Wed 12-Aug-09 12:34:43

right, did a cheap ebay test at lunchtime when i got home, BFN. which i did suspect as we had sex before day 10 of cycle.

I'll wait a few more days before testing again if af has not shown up by then, then a final one after the weekend when it will be nearly 2 weeks before going to the doctors

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