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nearly time to start TTC, husband needs keeping calm and convinced, any one else out there?!

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AlisonRuth Wed 05-Aug-09 21:17:00


I'm a newbie to all things message board but needed something baby related to keep me occupied so I don't drive my husband nuts with constant talk of it!

Seems the thing to do is give a few details and hope others going through the same thing find me, so:

I'm 28 and incredibly broody, but it's taken a while for husband to catch me up on those stakes! I had what I know refer to as my 'baby epiphany' when I went from not being remotely interested in kiddies to wanting one (or more!) desperately in literally seconds, Christmas before last. Can't believe how hard being broody can be! Despite numerous agreements of when we would start TTC we still haven't as husband gets cold feet. I've got a work trip abroad coming up and I think we really really might start TTC when I get back - that will be mid Sep and probably a bit late for ovulation that month, but trying will be fun! (and baby would arrive to allow paternity leave to coincide with the world cup next year, which I think has helped...)

Husband wanted to try to buy our own place first as we rent but have been looking with no joy and finally something seems to have clicked in my husband’s head and he's realised it takes 9 months to grow a baby, plus trying time, so even if we start now, we can still buy our own place and move before a baby comes along! We'll see what happens when he gets home tonight and sees the folic acid I bought at lunch time, I'm thinking he might find lots of reasons to delay again but here's hoping. Anyone else got a potential farther who just can't make up his mind if he's ready?!

mumblecrumble Wed 05-Aug-09 23:05:55

Best advice we got was that we will never ever be ready and that parent hood is a 'just go for it' type thing. You can;t plan it, so don't! He might feel less nervous if it feels more natural.

Concentrate on enjoying the sex....... that's when the babies come I reckon... Perhaps tactfully get him hanging round with other proud dads, tell him how sexy he will be as a dad.

Just [hard I know] relax, look after your health and don't buy baby clothes....

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