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when to do OPK??

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Kaylo Tue 21-Jul-09 22:52:00

Bit of help needed please if possible.

I've been trying to work out my cycle for the last few months and have figured out that it runs 28 days one month then 29 days month after, then 28, then 29 etc. My problem is I'm also trying to test to see when I ovulate but I just keeping getting negative tests? I usually do the Ov Test between 10am-2pm depending on when breaks etc are at work and if I get a minute at home from a week after AF to a week before next AF. Admittedly some days I've missed but surely in 4 months I should have had a positive OPK by now?

I know I definitely ovulate - possible TMI but my mum always picks up that I smell different at around ov time every month blush (not bad btw, just different) Still negative tests tho?
Could be dodgy tests I guess as they're eBay bulk cheapy specials - think I got 20 for £2!

Any help/advice muchly appreciated girls xxx

MissyBellatrix Tue 21-Jul-09 23:03:11

I'm the same as you Kaylo - no +ve result on an ordinary OPK.

I am waiting for a saliva ovulation test that I have ordered, as they are meant to be a lot more accurate.

Am currently trying to track my cycle as well as I am planning TTC #2 in Nov/Dec smile. Getting to grips with temping charts etc. Would love to get cracking on TTC earlier but still on mat leave from DC1 (7mo) so feel I should be back at work for at least a month or two before ttc again in case I get lucky with a BFP sooner than later.

Having said that I am paranoid that it might take aaages this time so should I get cracking anyway... DH is keen to go for it <ponders>...

Kaylo Tue 21-Jul-09 23:16:00

Thanks missy I'm interested in the saliva test...think I may give that a go if I have a few months TTC with no bfp.

I don't honestly think theres a problem but it's making me think perhaps I'm doing the tests wrong in some way, maybe at the wrong time of day/month? I don't know. I suppose if I get a bfp it won't matter - think I'll focus on that for bit <wanders dangerously into a daydream filled with babygro's and bootees...>

Kaylo Tue 21-Jul-09 23:20:09

oooops - how rude of me.

I forgot to add - good luck TTC - my sister (many years ago) wanted to wait a while like you before thinking about TTC again, anyway she went for her 6week post-natal check and was pregnant again shock

I know the timings are different but you just brought that story back to me for some reason

MissyBellatrix Tue 21-Jul-09 23:39:08

Thanks smile hope you get a BFP too.

I thought it would take forever 1st time round, so made early start but got pg 1st cycle (MC tho). Then thought lightening wouldn't strike twice and it would be bound to take ages 2nd time round - got pg 1st cycle smile - so am now stuck in paranoid zone where I think either 3rd time *really will* take forever if I wait for the "right" time (esp since am 34 now), OR if I decide to make early start it will happen 1st cycle again and therefore will have to tell manager I am pg on 1st day back after mat leave when I return to work in a few months blush

The saliva test looks like a lipstick case but is a mini microscope, you put a drop of saliva on it and shows up looking like ferns when you are OV apparently. Completely reusable, so initial outlay is all you pay. Costs around £15.

I don't know what/if I am doing right or wrong with the urine OV tests, but figure that if I use both urine and saliva tests either both will show no OV or one of them will, one wont! smile

Kaylo Thu 23-Jul-09 08:55:53

Crikey I see your dilemma. A friend at work just came back from mat leave a month ago and she announced y'day thats shes pg again and due 10th feb! She must've known before she even came back.

thanks for the info on saliva test - it'd save some people a fortune! If by xmas I still have no bfp am definitely going to get one cos clearly at that point i'll be getting frantic and impatient (even though I know people have waited longer than that).

Where would I get it from? Boots?

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