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what is anovulatory bleeding like?

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yellowflowers Mon 13-Jul-09 11:02:19


My chart was all over the place this month and I am not convinced I ovulated. I've been bleeding for 6 days now - sometimes watery, sometimes red, more often brown, just spotting and only once enough to mark the pad. Half the time I go to the loo and nothing there. Def not pregnant as did test this am and bfn and have low temp. Does this sound like anovulatory bleeding?


catrin Tue 14-Jul-09 17:30:59

Had this last month, "period" was somehting and nothing. Had scan for something else and they said I had ovulated that month definitely, so it was just a weird period. As have PCOS, lots of mine are probably anovulatory, but my periods are always weird - either v heavy, vaguely normal or practically nothing.
Sorry - am sure this is no help!

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