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So, explain those ovulation sticks to me...

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LaTrucha Tue 30-Jun-09 21:23:03

We've been trying for number two for 6 months. I had an early MC in March.

I know 'officially' this is well within all the average dates and blardy blardy blah but I'm beginning to get twitchy.

We've been at it at all the right times, according to my best estimates. I'm beginning to wonder if I ovulate at a non-normal time.

So, how do those kits work? What do you have to buy and how expensive is it?

Thanks for your help.

choufleur Tue 30-Jun-09 21:45:20

look on ebay - i just bought 50 ovulation tests and 10 pregnancy test for a tenner. it tests for LH (i think) hormone which you release when you are ovulating.

well you get a line on a stick anyway when ovulating.

sure someone will be along who is more knowledgeable soon

good luck

LaTrucha Tue 30-Jun-09 21:48:28

so you just pee on a stick?

What's all this about then?

LaTrucha Wed 01-Jul-09 08:43:58

bump (hopefully!)

turtle23 Wed 01-Jul-09 08:58:03

THAT is about Boots being able to charge you £100 for the same knowledge you get with Ebay cheapies.
The monitors keep track of it for you and give you a prediction as to when you will ovulate every month.
With the Ebay ones you just POAS and when you get the two lines you will ovulate in 12-24 hours. If you don't want to spend ANY could just chart your temp and look for EWCM...

LaTrucha Wed 01-Jul-09 09:11:23

I'm just far too lazy busy to do that. I've got all the info from fertility friend but haven't actually got round to it yet.

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