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Egg Donor Needed

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ash84 Tue 19-May-09 16:37:02

Hi everyone

5 years ago i got leukaemia and have gone through an early menapause, i also had a bone marrow transplant and radiation so i cant carry a child.
I was distraught when i found out, ive always wanted children.
Me and my fiance have been told we need a surrogate and an egg donor, my brilliant mum has offered to be our surrogate but we still need an egg donor. It would be at st marys in manchester.

Please let me know if you could help us
I cant tell you what it would mean to us

mumblecrumble Tue 19-May-09 21:08:44

Sorry dude, too far away and probably too fat....

HOWEVER. Wishing you mega mega luck and lots of eggy vibes

WIll revisit this post and bump lots for you

mumblecrumble Tue 19-May-09 21:33:32


IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 19-May-09 21:36:49

I'm in South Wales so too far away too but I wanted to wish you all the luck in the world. xx

HeavyweightChampion Tue 19-May-09 21:39:26

there was a mner not so long ago who said she would consider this,

she is nw based,

i hope she sees this,

good luck from someone who knows how hard it can be x

mumblecrumble Tue 19-May-09 21:43:15


We didn;t think we could have kids and as we looked into it adoption seemed somwthing we could consider.

Hope this doesn't offend.

Heated Tue 19-May-09 21:52:40

Where can you get info on being an egg donor and what is honestly involves?

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 20-May-09 09:13:49

Heated, is the website you need to look at.

Heated Wed 20-May-09 12:01:01

Thank you AtillaTheMeercat (love that advert btw) for the v helpful link - I've read the info &, as I half suspected, I am not eligible but I wish ash84 all the best in her search.

surran Tue 16-Jun-09 11:50:44

im in south wales i would love to help u if ur intressted email me at

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