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Fallopian tubes blocked and IVF?

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Ailz Sun 17-May-09 23:16:45

Hi everyone
I am just wondering if anyone has had blockages in their fallopian tubes and if so have they had them unblocked? how did you do that? and also wondering how bad IVF actually is?
I have been ttc no.2 for 18 months and gynae thinks i may have blockage or some such problems caused possibly by previous pregnancy. have no polyps, fibroids etc. good scan etc.
anyone have any interesting information to offer? would much appreciate it!

cedar12 Mon 18-May-09 12:16:41

Hi Ailz, I have had ivf because of tubal probs. Right tube removed after ectopic pregnancy in 2005, then found out 18 month later left tube was also blocked. My consultant was keen for me to go straight for ivf but I went for a lap and dye and they unblocked my left tube quite easily. I got pregnant very quickly but unfortunately it was ectopic again. Carried on ttc for after that but didn't fall pg again. I have had 3 goes at ivf 1 st didn't work, but 2 nd worked I got pg but unfortunately mc, But I am now pg from a frozen transfer only 5weeks so very early days.
My advise is ivf is stressful but I wish I had done it earlier the months and months of ttc was definitely more stressful. If you have had previous been pg and only have tubal prob the ivf success rate is pretty good. I am not sure but I don't think tubal surgery has that great results as the tubes can still be very scared afterward. My consultant said my tubes looked pretty good not much scaring but the tubes are so tiny its not easy for them to tell.
I hope this is some help, If you do decide to go for ivf my only advise is go for a clinic you feel comfortable with. My 1 st attempt was made a lot worse by unhelpfull and unsympathetic staff which didn't help! I choose a clinic closer to home the next time which hadn't had such good success rates, but all the staff were lovely. Good luck and I hope it happens for you soon.

issyxx Mon 18-May-09 15:34:18


Ive got blocked fallopian tubes and have been told the only way forward is Ivf.The dr said that there was no unblocking them as they were so damaged.He did a lap and dye.But there were no other probs, like you.

Ive had children b4 and always thought that getting pregnant wud be no problem at all, sadly this isnt the case!!

Im now trying to raise the money to pay for ivf, which is a real struggle.lost my job etc.

And then theres always the possibility it wont work.Listen to me, always positive

I wish you loads of luck.xx

babybillandsplodge Mon 18-May-09 21:36:24

Ailz, I had 3 cycles of IVf due to tubal blockage - had my DS on the 3rd cycle.

IVF is hard, emotionally and physically, but not as hard as coping with the agony of not getting pregnant and not being able to do anything about it.

Have you had lap and dye to check tubes?

I was advised against tubal surgery because of my age, the low rate of success and the terrible state of my tubes. Having said that, when DS was 7 mths I fell pg again . . . naturally shock. So natural conception is possible but don't rely on it.

Good luck.

Ailz Tue 19-May-09 19:54:06

Thanks everyone for your messages
Cedar12 sorry to hear about your difficult time, but fantastic news about the 5 week old little one!
Issyxx good luck saving for IVF, may it work the first time!
Babybill. those stories about falling pg after ivf are actually quite common and they are great! i had HSG today. in case you have not heard of it, i hadn't, it is x-ray and pumping liquid through the tubes. they take 4 pics. will discuss it with doc at appt. very nervous but very keen to hear what he says. also had normal scan and bloods. so who the hell knows!!!!!
I always totally ruled out IVF, but that was before almost 2 years had passed and no baby 2. i will decide next week. oh my.

cedar12 Tue 19-May-09 19:56:20

Good Luck with the dr. Hope all the test come back ok.

Ailz Tue 19-May-09 20:06:56

Thanks. me too. good luck you too.

babybillandsplodge Tue 19-May-09 20:26:11

Ailz, we also initially ruled out IVF, but as soon as we found out I had blocked tubes and that was our only chance of a baby we changed our minds in a heartbeat sad.

I had a HyCoSy initially, which is similar to an HSG, and then a lap and dye.

Good luck.

Ailz Wed 20-May-09 21:37:11

babybill thanks i get the results on wed (results of bloods, scan and HSG) so if i have some amazing insight into secondary infertility i will post my findings next week. oh god we do live in hope!

ckc Wed 20-May-09 21:46:22

Hi can I jump in on this one, no DC an in 30's got results tue cyst in one tube two shadows in other have to go for more scans mention of hydrosalphinx, put post up myself no one could really help me anyone here x

Ailz Wed 20-May-09 21:51:44

hi ckc, sorry you are being tortured too! I had the HSG and waiting result, but had it privately. how long have you been trying? the HSG will give a better view of whether those shadows are blockages or not. have you had scan of ovaries? sometimes the blockage is there. as i am waiting results, i cannot be of huge help to you. but it is good to talk to someone who has a good idea of how you feel.

ckc Wed 20-May-09 22:19:37

Cheers it is nice to talk to someone, had scan for ovaries, kidneys and a camera inserted 8 week ago they lost my results so only just got them tue this week, doctor has refered me to gynae clinic for furthur test, must admit didnt think it woud b this bad as periods are 28 to 31 days which I wouldn't class as irregular and plenty of cm sorry tmi, at time though must admit I feel like my bits are going to fall out for better explanation, and a painfull sharp bloatedness feeling which I just put down to ovulation. I was also refered to fertility clinic and was told to go away and lose 3 stone before they would entertain me and wasn't untill I pressured my doctor as a result of her response I wouldn't have known there was this problem so feel very low at the mo x

Ailz Thu 21-May-09 23:47:06

CKC sorry you are feeling so low. it is absolutely crap. how long have you been trying? if it has been a long time, surely they would hurry on and give you some treatment. however a lot of people say that if it is a blockage they may not be able to unblock it easily and if they do, it may not guarantee pregnancy as there may be scarring. I say this because we may need to think that we are in this for the long haul, perhaps as far as IVF, so perhaps lose the weight (if only it were as easy as that!) and go back to them and say 'here i am' and get as much treatment as you need. some even say losing weight alone helps us get pregnant. I hope i am being positive and helpful? dont let yourself get too down. x

ckc Fri 22-May-09 08:54:26

we have been trying for 3 years this year, seems a life time sad, my doc reffered me Jan to fertility clinic, i went in march that was when i was told to lose 3 stone, i am on a diet anyway and had lost 2 1\2 alredy, which is why i questioned this with my doctor who said she had referred larger ladies than me and not had no feedback like this, i just said well what if i go away and it takes me up to a year to lose 3 stone then they start to investigate and find i have problems then investigating takes a year and solving it takes a year, thats 3 years and im not getting any younger which is why she referred me to gynae and found out the above im 33 this year.thanks for listening Aliz smile x

ckc Fri 22-May-09 08:54:58

sorry Ailz x

Ailz Fri 22-May-09 22:43:18

I dont know what you are sorry for. i can tell that you are very down and i dont mind you saying anything. Rant away, i say!! I am just sorry that i tend to come online very late at night. my husband is away so i tend to stay up late for some reason. But at 33 you are still young enough. you may say that i am saying this to make you feel better, but i am not. i was talking to my sister a few days ago and got married recently and was chatting with some of her 30+ friends. none of whom were in any hurry to get married and have kids whatsoever. they felt that they have plenty of time ahead, so at 33 you may be panicking for nothing. It may help to relax a bit about the age and time going by. you are not too late by any means. About the weight issue, perhaps you could discuss with your doctor how you feel a bit more and suggest that she refer you to a different clinic? I dont know whether that is possible, but as many of the women on these threads will attest, you get nowhere by being polite and meek, certainly in the fertility world!

Ailz Fri 22-May-09 22:47:18

Plus ckc i will try and log on much earlier tomorrow night. my husband is away as i mentioned. he has been away for nearly 2 weeks on business. he has put his trip off for months because we have been trying for a baby - OBVIOUSLY! and I can feel really really strong ovulation pains in the ovaries, they are quite a unique pain. i dont know if you have ever experienced it. but i encouraged him to go away anyway because if i have not gotten pregnany the last 18 or 19 ovulations what on earth would make me think it would happen this time?! wrong attitude i know. goodnight if you have logged off, as any normal person would have at this hour, dont stress (only another woman who is ttc is allowed to say this!) Seriously chin up, be brave x

ckc Tue 26-May-09 19:16:51

sorry late reply back ailz, been away for weekend which wasn't that great as had sharp pains in left and right side making me miserable, i just wish my letter would come from gynae so i can go and find out for sure what is blocking my tubes and causing these pains, i got my letter fri from doc but mum has it as she has been researching on internet at what it say's but obviously me need to leave it to the proffesionals, anyway good luck you with trying for no2 hope someone has some good news soon x x

stuckLM Sun 07-Jun-09 11:52:45

hello my name is Laura and me and my partner have been trying to conceive for two years and 2 months. Since we fist started trying i have always felt that there may have been something wrong. Within the first couple of months we think that i may have miscarried as i had a very bizzarre 'period' it was really painful and had huge clots in it (but i will never know).hmm

Following this we just carried on trying and it took me another 2 years to become pregnant(april 2009) at first they thought i had miscarried and then when they finally did a scan and we found out i was six weeks pregnant but it was an ectopic. I had a laproscopy to remove the ectopic and my left tube.sad

I had a follow up appointment a copuple of weeks ago and my mind is full of questions. The doctor i saw was extremely negative and didnt really offer us much hope at all. He told me that it was a right mess down there and that i had lots of scar tissue and that everything was everywhere. i think he said y bowel was under my tube or something i dodnt know. they also removed a large ovarian cyst on my right ovary. (i still have both my ovaries which is good i suppose). the surgeon seems to think that my only remianing tube could be blocked as well. i gotta have a lap and dye to see if this is the case.

I think the tube is blocked as it took us so long to conceive and i am still young. i have read at it does take some woman 2 years to conceive but i just have a feeling. and i am sure the surgeon wouldnt have been so negative if he thought we had a chance.

i just dont know what to do anymore its to hard for my partmer to talk about at the moment. and my family just dont seem to grasp the concept at all. i can understand why my partner feels so sad because i do to but i need support and he told me last night that i more n less couldnt talk to him as it made him feel miserable. i really need some help at the moment and was hoping that some of you could offer me some support that i really need at the moment.sad

stuckLM Sun 07-Jun-09 11:56:00

Sorry guys i never mentioned that i have never had any type of STI and dont have any endometreosis blush

AbbeyM89 Fri 15-Jan-16 12:53:07

Hi. I'm 25 and just found out both my tubes are entirely blocked. The doc says I will need IVF to have a baby. I have been for a hystersalpingogram where they use dye and take pics and test fertility. My doc says I won't need more tests and that she is referring me straight for IVF when I'm ready. My partner has suggested we try for a baby soon and I'm both excited but also very scared. I have endometriosis on top of this as that's how they found my tubes blocked too through laparoscopy. Will eventually need a hysterectomy to rid myself of all my abdominal pain. Pregnancy is supposed to help endometriosis too. Ugh. Will see what happens I guess.

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