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Clearblue - Evaporation Lines, touching the window

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busylady Mon 11-May-09 12:50:09

hi there

i did a Clearblue Easy this morning with 2nd wee of the day, am on 2 mins, i thought i could see a really faint line, so in true POAS addict fashion, I opened the test and noticed it was still quite wet (understandably) when it started to dry off, the line got darker, its not as thick as the horizontal line, but its definitely there- I checked the test again about 2 hours after I did the test and the line is very much there.

I just wondered if anyone knew if you can make a line appear by touching the test, or if I should be whispering a BFP?



TortillaDeMaiz Mon 11-May-09 15:00:08

i think tests are not valid after 10 mins, but for me, when they are negative they stay like that forever. My bet is that you are pregnant, but if I were you I would do another test tomorrow or in a few more days to be absolutely sure.

liahgen Mon 11-May-09 15:57:56

evap lines are not usually coloured.

Also the test you used is known for producing false negs so is not as sensitive as some, so chances are ifline is blue, however faint, then you are preggers. grin


MrsHappy Mon 11-May-09 16:01:17

You can't make a line appear by touching the test.
Sounds like a BFP.

Angelfifi Mon 11-May-09 16:11:16

Get a clearblue digital! then it can tell you for sure! And keep us posted!! Good luck!

busylady Mon 11-May-09 16:29:42

hi - thanks for the messages, here's alink to the pic

MrsHappy Mon 11-May-09 16:42:39

I had a couple like that although the line was not as blue.
I decided they were negative and called the CB hotline and complained.
A week or so later = BFP.
I think you are pg. There is a line. If it appeared within the time limit, start taking folic acid. I just wish CB would stamp the positive line on as thickly as the control line. It would save a lot of confusion...

liahgen Mon 11-May-09 17:06:14

i can't view link

Angelfifi Mon 11-May-09 17:27:07

I can't view link either!

MrsHappy Mon 11-May-09 18:49:35

Link here

liahgen Mon 11-May-09 21:23:16

defo a blue line down there



Biglips Mon 11-May-09 21:26:07

yep def a line

many congrats

grin grin

busylady Tue 12-May-09 06:26:34

morning ladies - tested again this morning BFN - FFS!!!! remind me never to buy a clearblue or blue dye test ever again...

never mind.

MrsHappy Tue 12-May-09 07:46:43

Busylady - make sure you call CB and complain loudly. They will send you a replacement (hopefully digi) test as a test that comes up with a line - even if it is not as wide as the control line - should be a positive.

busylady Tue 12-May-09 09:09:56

hi - i will, the same line appeared, although i think it was just outside the 10 mins...

Gala Tue 12-May-09 09:13:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsHappy Tue 12-May-09 09:14:31

Or maybe get a FR.
I'm not sure that the blue dye tests are as easy to read.

proudestmummyever Tue 12-May-09 10:50:57

OMG!! Looked at the picof that CB test, I GOT exactly that the other day too!!! And other tests bfn!

We should complain!!!angry

Biglips Tue 12-May-09 15:40:51

angry sorry to hear!

def go to the docs to make sure

busylady Tue 12-May-09 22:17:33

Here's the test from today....

MrsHappy Tue 12-May-09 22:23:19

Again there is a line, but unless it comes up within the time limit you can't consider it a positive.

Get a FR tomorrow morning and see what that says. If it is negative call CB and complain about the first line.

busylady Tue 12-May-09 22:31:43

thanks MrsHappy - I'll defo do that.


suwoo Tue 12-May-09 22:39:47

They both look like strong positives to me. Get a different brand and try again tomorrow, you can always save your morning wee ready for when you get one. Good luck.

SausageRoleModel Tue 12-May-09 22:55:27

congrtulations smile

but what a terribly designed pregnancy testing kit! Is the diamond window the control?

liahgen Wed 13-May-09 07:57:50

can't viw link again

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