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False Positives?

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lialocket Sun 01-May-05 20:52:49

Can you get false positives> did clearblue test (twice) in week both showed plus sign, then yesterday had cramps then bleeding for day and half????
Help> confused

ebbie22 Sun 01-May-05 20:59:23

I dont think you can,did you phone ur docs?

WigWamBam Sun 01-May-05 21:01:08

You can have an implantation bleed, or even a short period, after you conceive. As far as I know, you don't get false positives.

cab Sun 01-May-05 21:35:49

Lia don't won't to put a downer on things but I had this three times last year - where had a positive test then cramps and bleeding. Doc reckoned these were very early miscarriages - sorry. Also had a few positives after the bleeding - it can take a while for the hormones to get out of your system.
Test again in a week to be sure. Hope I'm wrong.
(p.s. I am now 39 wks pregnant).

Nemo1977 Sun 01-May-05 21:40:23

You dont get false pos but u can get evaporation lines. It could be an early mc or it could be implantation.
Best thing to do is phone ur gp although if u would only be 4wks ish pg then there is not a lot they can do apart from wait to scan at 5/6 wks.
Good luck hun

SoupDragon Sun 01-May-05 21:46:43

I had this too and put it down to a very early miscarriage.

SoupDragon Sun 01-May-05 21:47:12

sorry, should have added a

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