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Faint CB positive but then AF??

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lialocket Sun 01-May-05 20:35:08

Any advice welcome; now on CD 32 or 27/29 normally. DId CB test CD27 and got a faint plus in window; did one day after and again got a very fant plus in window - then Sat (CD31) cramps and bleeding!! I am so confused. Now SUnday AF(?) stopeed lunchtime - so I cant be pregnant then can I ?????
TTC #2 - didnt have this the first time.

bubbly1973 Sun 01-May-05 20:42:35

could it be implantation bleeding

was the blood bright red and a lot of it or was it dark and not enough to use a pad?

i dont know what a CB is, so if someone could enlighten me, would be great thanks!

good luck lia, and i hope you had implantation bleeding and that your pregnant

lialocket Sun 01-May-05 20:45:06

Sorry - CB = clearblue

Flumpette Sun 01-May-05 20:49:28

HI. Before I tested for my first successful pregnancy I had cramps and a spot of blood on day 9 of my 2ww after IVF treatment. The cramps continued but no more bleeding. Hope this helps.

oops Sun 01-May-05 23:20:12

Message withdrawn

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