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would I be crazy to try IVF even though I can still TTC naturally

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scardypants Wed 21-Jan-09 16:37:19


I've recently had an EP and now have only one tube left. I'm really scared it might happen again so we're considering IVF. It took almost 18 months to get a bfp and then the EP I just really don't want A)to be trying for another 12 months or more or B)to have another EP.

I know IVF is not guaranteed and it's really expensive but my dd is almost 9yo and I really want another dc.

I'd really like to hear some other points of view on this because at the moment all I can think about is having another baby no matter what it takes and I'd like some unbiased, emotionally-detached opinions. Thanks in advance.

Dropdeadfred Wed 21-Jan-09 16:50:11

i had an ep last may..then fell pg again in sept but had mc. i am interested in possibility of ivf ( i only have one tube now) too so will watch your thread. best of luck hatever you decide

LadyMuck Wed 21-Jan-09 17:05:14

How old are you and have you had any infertilty investigations?

Are you looking to pay for this yourself?

sagecat Wed 21-Jan-09 17:06:18

Sorry to hear about your EP. If you have one tube left you should be able to concieve again - although it may take time again (no way to avoid that). IVF is a lot to take on and it is not a sure fire way of getting pregnant. You can also get EP with IVF too (although rare). I would base your decision on your age if aprox. 37 or younger i would give nature a chance again (you have time) if 38 - 40 i would give yourself a time limit of say 1 year in which to concieve then see a consultant (not a GP!!) if older give your self less time maybe 6 months before seeking help. As you get in to your 40's the chance of IVF working reduces soon to similar levels as naturally concieveing (SP?). The fact that you have concieved recently really increases the chances of it happening again - so best of luckgrin

sagecat Wed 21-Jan-09 17:09:51

Dropdeadfred - Just read what you have posted - you really don't sound like you need IVF (IVF will not rule out MC) You fell pregnant again very quickly and so you probably will again - best of luck

scardypants Wed 21-Jan-09 17:45:02

Hi all,

DDF I'm sorry to read about your experience. It's awful I know though I havn't had an mc so can only imagine how painful that must have been after being through the trauma of an ep. I hope this thread can help a little in making your decision too and of course I wish you the best of luck for the future.

LM we thought for a long time that we did have fertility problems and were advised by our gp to go back to him after 12months of TTC. We moved house so didn't get back to him and then we got a BFP so we assume there are no problems. We also did some home tests - I, an FSH (I think) one and him one that indicated sperm quantity (not very technical explanation, sorry) We would have to pay for IVF privately because we have no identified fertility problems and there would be a long public waiting list for people who have known fertility problems.

SC I'm 30 so I know I'm not totally passed TTC naturally and given that I had an EP we know that we can get pg at least but it's (TTC)just been the longest road I've ever been down and with so such disappointment and then ending with the EP I really fear another one or not even getting pg again. As I said I know IVF guarantees nothing but I need to be actively doing something to make it happen. (blush babydancing I know but we've been doing that for a year and a half!)

You've said it and I've seen it on lots of other threads about women getting pg very shortly after EP and MC but can you tell me why? Is it something that science has looked into or just something that a lot of women report (and many others, me included, hope for)

Thanks for all your posts

sagecat Wed 21-Jan-09 20:35:56

I think a lot of the reasons behind people telling of concieving again so soon is due to 2 main reasons - to boost spirits and to not give up hope. Secondly because it is to some extent true in that since you have concieved once you have a high chance of doing so again and often people will try as soon as possible and therefore concieve fairly quickly.

Remember (as i'm sure you are aware) that on average it takes up to a year to concieve. Most consultants will (or should) not really recommend treatment until you have been trying for 2 years (especially when you are so young). IVF is one of the most stressful things to ever go through, it plays havoc with your hormones and really is for when everything else has been tried. There are other things to try and speed things up. Get to know your cycle well and when you ovulate (ovulation sticks may help). Having regular sex upto and during ovulation is the best chance, once ovulation has passed then chances drop to practically zero.

P.S. If you want to look into getting your tube checked to make sure it is not blocked (as this could stop you concieving) then seeing a consultant may be an idea. This would then rule out the main potential problem. Again best of luck - I know its hard month on month but try not to stresssmile

Dropdeadfred Wed 21-Jan-09 20:40:03

Thanks for your kind coments. To be honest though..I have had 7 mcs and the EP...but I do have three healthy dd's....I am now 38..I really want another baby. Would IVF help at all?

sagecat Wed 21-Jan-09 21:50:04

Sorry to hear about what you have been through Dropdeadfred - you are so brave to have carried on - more than i ever could have.

Traditional IVF would not improve your chances of not having a mc really as we select on embryo quality and nothing else, the better the embryo quality the better the chance of getting pregnant but this really does not relate to the chance of mc once pregnancy is established. A lot depends upon the reasons behind recurrent mc. Is it due to chromosomal problems in the babies? If it is then depending on what the chromosomal issues were then you could look at IVF with PreImplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) where the actual chromosomes of the embryos are looked at and the ones which are normal are replaced therefore ruling out those specific abnormalities. PGD is very expensive and not all couples are suitable and sucessrates are not always good =- but it can work. Clinics such as CAREfertility (Nottingham), Royal infirmary (Glasgow) and Newcastle (i think) and some London clinics undertake PGD.

If everything normal with mc babies (sorry for language - hope i do not upset you) then speaking to a fertility consultant (not GP) may help. Depending on when mc's occured etc drugs may help it would be worth looking into.

You have time so hope it all works out for you.

Dropdeadfred Thu 22-Jan-09 10:25:58

Thanks sagecat. I don't mind the terms you use at all smile Its difficult to say things smetimes isn't it, even i struggle
I don't feel brave I feel frustrated and a bit down-hearted about it all now.

I had two dds with a previous partner with no trouble whatsoever.....years later i met my dh and we had 3 mcs after another then conceived dd3. since ten we have had the ep and another 4 mcs.
we have had blood tests and i have had scan of womb etc i have been told it's just bad luck, no chromosomal problems or ilnesses, no blood clotting disorder.

i did read a bit about cycloest used in ivf but i know my gp doesnot prescribe it for early pgys.

sagecat Thu 22-Jan-09 11:36:06

Dropdeadfred - its difficult. There will be a cause behind the "bad luck" there are special blood tests and a treatment for certain types of recurrent misscarriage that may help, although I know little about it and I know that its VERY expensive but I have heard of it working. CAREfertility Nottingham do it, it maybe worth having a chat to them (they are private and a consultation and tests will cost you) but it maybe worth while - they are very good.

If not then you can keep trying and keep your fingers crossed - its a lot to put yourself through so take care smile

Dropdeadfred Fri 23-Jan-09 13:49:37

Thanks sagecat. smile

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