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Lucie B are you here?

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mit Mon 14-Mar-05 20:15:40

Hi LucieB
This is mit, I've been off mumsnet for absolutely months (I find it far too adictive - starving my hubby and no clean clothes....). Anyhow, I promised to write when I became pg, which I have!
When dd was 11 months old af finally came back, I continued to bf until dd was 13 months. We concieved almost instantly and I'm currently 12 weeks pg. Dd will be 21 months when no. 2 arrives.
I hope you've had success and are awaiting the arrival of a little budle.
Best wishes,
mit x

Sallie Thu 17-Mar-05 17:28:23

I am now Sallie! I had dd in Feb 2004 and am expecting no 3 in Sept - now 14 weeks pg and been feeling DREADFUL during this pg so far. Congrats to you on your pg. We must be due at nearly the same time.

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