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Negative tests but still feel pregnant

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vixxy Tue 12-Aug-08 15:21:52

Hi there,

Can anyone put my mind at rest?

Two days ago I realised that the unwell feeling I had had over the last week or so could be early signs of pregnancy.

About a week ago I was feeling faint and dizzy and since then I have have had heartburn and nausea. Over the last few days my nipples have grown in ridiculous proportion and have little white buds on them, I am also struggling to get into my clothes (only over the last week) My sense of smell is also gone mad, even as we speak I can smell someone cooking through my open window and it making me feel very ill indeed. I am also exhausted.

I have had no signs my period is coming, I usually suffer with really bad PMS, my skin is clear for once, I'm not snappy or angry etc.

My last period was about 15 July, but my cycle isn't that regular, and sadly I don't pay much attention to it (I already have 3 children) I think my period is due this Friday- 3 days time)

I took a sainsbury's HPT yesterday and there was a really really faint line, I took another today First Response this time, and nothing showed.

I'm really confused, I also smell different, I have a really sweet smell, especially around my breasts.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Spotsanddots Tue 12-Aug-08 21:09:03

Hi there, I am eight weeks pregnant and did a test early on which gave a feint line. The packet advised to repeat the test 48 hours later, which i did and it was still feint. I bought a clear blue test and that came up with a definate cross. Perhaps leave it 48 hours and try another test. I felt like you though, dizzy and my sense of smell went crazy and my nipples had little white dots on them too, i was grumpy as hell though! I find the clear blue tests to be really accurate , so best of luck If you dont want to buy one in the shops, you can get them online on e bay or boots online

lauraloola Tue 12-Aug-08 21:16:27

Do another test in a few days first thing in the morning. I agree, the Clear Blue digital ones are great. Good luck x

vixxy Wed 13-Aug-08 08:15:50

Thanks for your messages.

The reason I am going mad is I was really unwell after last pregnancy and am getting paranoid about going mad again.

I have a doctor's appointment today as I think I have a kidney infection, symptoms could be due to that, or the infection could be because of pregnancy ( I have suffered with them in early pregnancy before).

Not sure my huge nipples are due to a kidney infection though lol.

I was trying to think back to the period before the last one, and that was at the end of may, so there were about 46 days betweem the two periods. That's quite a lot isn't it.

I'm really confused.

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