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So should I go and buy a test or am I being ridiculous?

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HeadFairy Tue 12-Aug-08 15:10:07

I've only had two periods since ds was conceived as I was bfing... I had one a couple of months ago, pretty light, only lasted a couple of days. Then 27 days later I had another one, slightly heavier and lasted four days. Couple of weeks ago it was my birthday, a sunny day, dh and I had a nice lunch and a bottle of wine together while ds was at the cm... and one thing led to another. It was the first time in absolutely ages. Now I'm on cd 28 and absolutely no signs of the start of my period. I've never had a period longer than 28 days... never. But perhaps my cycle's changed since having ds. I just assumed it was the same as before as the two periods I have had were 27 days apart.

HeadFairy Tue 12-Aug-08 18:12:42

I know there's loads of threads like this, but was just wondering if it's normal for periods to return as they were before having a baby, ie if they were 28 day cycles before will they be 28 days afterwards too?

buttercupbabe Tue 12-Aug-08 18:24:02

I had an occasion like this when ds was about 11 months old. I stoppped bf-ing at 8 months and my periods had returned when ds was 6 months old. Anyway was convinced I was pg but test was neg and period arrived about a week later. I think it can take a while for cycles to return to normal for some people.

HeadFairy Tue 12-Aug-08 18:25:58

Oh that's good to hear. I'd love to be pg but I think dh would go spare. He wants us to wait a bit longer, quite a bit longer.

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