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PCOS and miscarriage. Anyone with PCOS or knowledge about PCOS

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roseability Sun 10-Aug-08 01:02:52

Just going through my second consecutive early miscarriage in a row sad

I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2002 but managed to conceive my DS (now 2.4) easily and had a problem free pregnancy

Could my miscarriages have anything to do with PCOS? I have symptoms e.g. hirutism, overweight, skin tags. However I do have fairly regular periods and I obviously ovulate.

Went to my GP, he was rude and dismissed me.

Dummymumm Sun 10-Aug-08 01:08:49

hiya, i was diagnosed woth severe pcos about 8/9 years ago. the way my consultant explained it to me is that there IS a connection. he said that the eggs of a sufferer are not mature enough when they are released into the fallopian tube. some of them then attatch themselves to the ovary and form a cyst. this makes conception itself difficult, but if an immature egg is fertilised, it just isn't cabable of becomming a a foetus.

Moonlit Sun 10-Aug-08 03:54:44

Hi Roseability -***PCOS - Anybody in the same boat? please join us on the PCOS thread.

You will find very similar stories to yours on the ongoing thread, mine included smile. I would add a link, but my laptop will not allow it.

Anyway, I have DD who is 2.5. We have been TTC #2 for 22 months. I have a regular cycle, I take Metformin because I was obese when I was started taking it. I had acne until about two weeks ago, when I finally resorted to Atkins and a lot of excercise to get things moving along.

Unfortunately, it's only stupid GP's who tell you, 'you must be ovulating if you have a regular cycle. But for many woman who have PCOS, this is not true. You can have a regular cycle and NOT ovulate.

You need to change GP's. Or demand your GP checks your hormone levels to see if you truly are ovulating.

Anyway, come on over to the PCOS thread.


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