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Am I being overly optimistic to hope that the fact that I have had VERY saucy dreams 2 nights running means I might be pregnant???

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wasabipeanut Thu 07-Aug-08 13:56:41

Honestly, the last time I had dreams this filthy was during my last pregnancy.

My sense of smell is really strong (according to my colleague because I could smell a piece of gun she was chewing from about a metre and a half away)but then I always have a strong sense of smell.

Oh God I am clutching at straws. Can't test until Saturday week.

<<waits impatiently>>

zsos Fri 08-Aug-08 02:09:57


damdaffs Fri 08-Aug-08 08:13:20

hi wasabipeanut! I'm due to test on saturday week (16th right?), tho might be 18th, cycles been a bit variable. so can i wait with you?

Filthy dreams, eh, that sounds like a quite nice pregnancy symptom grin !

Blimey just remembered only got one test left...sad

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