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Little mistake... but I don't think it needs the morning after you?

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Kaedsmum Wed 23-Jul-08 11:50:03

I had a baby 11 weeks ago, and my periods havn't returned. We've been using condoms, and last night used one, but then got a little carried away afterwards and started again. We stopped just before the end to avoid pregnancy.. so I don't think there's any need to take the morning after pill... does anyone else think it's necessary?

MamaG Wed 23-Jul-08 11:53:10

do you want to take the risk?

You do know that he doesn't have to come inside you for you to get pg, don't you.

hanaflower Wed 23-Jul-08 11:54:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ebeson Wed 23-Jul-08 14:30:20

Mama g, i didnt know that was true, really thought the sperm had to be inside for you to get pg

I'd get down the GP, they can prescribe it for free. MamaG is right, there is sperm in the clear liquid leaking from the penis before ejaculation (or pre cum as we call it in this house).

sars87 Wed 23-Jul-08 15:33:57

yep, those little swimmers like to come away in before the big burst. Good luck.

lulumama Wed 23-Jul-08 15:37:37

you can get pregnant any time you have unprotected sex and before your periods return.

if you don't want the chance of 2 under 2, i'd get to the chemist today. the MAP is more effective the sooner it is takne.

i think it is totally necessary if you would not be happy to get a BFP next month

withdrawal method is not reliable as mamagg has said

MrsTittleMouse Wed 23-Jul-08 15:38:40

There is no way that I would take the risk when I had an 11 week old baby! No harm in going to the GP and getting the MAP.

igod Wed 23-Jul-08 15:39:40

Echo everyone else, really not worth risking it, unless you want 2 under 1?

Romy7 Wed 23-Jul-08 15:44:17

er. MAP. def. from experience.

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