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Appointment at fertility clinic coming up what should I now be pushing for

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lostittoday Sun 20-Jul-08 22:40:18

I have my appointment at the fertility clinic on the 28th of July and it cannot come soon enough as I have become increasingly depressed and anxious about my situation.
As many of you are probably aware I have been ttc since the end of August 07 with no luck.
The problem is that my af has been irregular all of this time with long cycles and absences of 2 3 months.
I am currently on cd 86 with no sign of af although I have experienced mild af type cramps as if its on its way on and off.

I am hypothyroid and that has been pinpointed a few times as the possible cause of my erratic af.
The fertility clinic so far have only ordered blood tests one of which was a day 21 progesterone tests this came back very low which suggested no ovulation. They want me to have day 2 bloods if I do get my af but I haven,t been able to as no sign of it.
They have done bloods to check fsh lh etc despite no period but I have to wait until the 28th of July to get the results of that, although I do know that a test done back in April showed my fsh has been 16 which came as a real blow to me.

I feel so frustrated as I am so in the dark as to whether I stand a chance of having another dc or not.
I am worried about early menopause as its in my family and I am 37 almost 38 and I am becoming increasingly concerned.
I feel as though I am going to break down with all of the uncertainty and I seem to be waiting weeks between appointments at the fertility clinic with so much uncertainty going on in my head.

I now want to go to the fertility clinic on the 28th of July and come away feeling as though something is now been done to help me.

Even if they can just give it to me in black and white that I am unlikely to have any more dc's as devastating it will be at least I will know where I stand once and for all.

Please advise me on what I should now be pushing for I know maybe things do depend on what my latest fsh and other hormones show.
I would like to know if I have do have ovarian reserve and if I am or not producing eggs etc.
Should they now be giving me something to bring on a af or would that be pointless if I am indeed going through a natural process like menopause.
Should they be doing ultrasounds on me to check if I am producing eggs.
If it is menopause surely they should be able to tell me.
So many questions I know but can anybody advise me on what to ask and push for now.
I do have thyroid problems as I said but I quite honeslty feel as though that has confused things even more for me as I do know that that can cause problems with ovulation, fertility etc.
I am due to see a endocrinologist on the 5th of August as my thyroid is not stabilised as yet.
Please help I feel like screaming with so much time going by and none the wiser.

lostittoday Sun 20-Jul-08 23:01:43

Anybody please

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