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Fibroid removal before IVF Help

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Dyzzidi Thu 03-Feb-05 13:02:09

Hi I recently had my first appointment at St Marys IVF at Mcr where the doctor said I have to have a fibroid removed before treatment! This came as a shock as I have had a fibroid since I was 16 (27 now) and was always told not to worry about it. I have had 4 surgeries to ease adhesions and endometriosis and feel cheated they have to operate again. I was so shocked I didn't ask how the surgery was to be performed ie keyhole or otherwise. Has anybody had to have this op?????

Was also told only 5 -8 month left to wait for IVF so surgery should be quite soon.

Feedback Please

oatcake Thu 03-Feb-05 13:25:10

no experience, but is it worth getting a second opinion?

MeerkatsUnite Thu 03-Feb-05 13:40:01


Most women with fibroids never need to resort to surgery as their symptoms are non severe or adequately controlled with drugs. Regular internal exams should be done to ensure the uterus is not becoming too bulky.

They may well be planning a myomectomy (this means removal of fibroids). I would also second the suggestion made by oatcake re a second opinion.

Would also suggest you read the NES's publication called "Endometriosis and Fibroids", this is an excellent read and goes into detail about treatment options for both that a lay person can understand. The more knowledge you have the better.

I wish you well


Portree Thu 03-Feb-05 13:54:54

No direct experience of fibroids. Do know though that my IVF clinic prefer all fibroids/polyps etc removed from the uterus to give treatment the best chance of success. Their thinking is that anything in the womb could act like an IUD and prevent implantation of the embryo. Did they explain to you why you have to have it removed?

Think your clinic need to give you clear clinical reasoning for this course of action. You could always try ringing around a few other IVF clinics to find out what their view is of fibroids in conjunction with IVF treatment. Good luck.

Dyzzidi Fri 04-Feb-05 09:39:41

Which Publication is it you recommend Meerkat NES???

Wiht regards to a second opinion by the time I get one I may have had the surgery. I am just wanting to give myself the best chance possible oand if that means 10 surgeries I will have them it all just seems so unfair!!

MeerkatsUnite Fri 04-Feb-05 10:24:45

Hi Dyzzidi,

NES stands for National Endometriosis Society. Their book "Endometriosis and Fibroids" is all about fibroids and endo along with treatment options.

Their website is


Dyzzidi Fri 04-Feb-05 11:46:02

Thanks I will look at that now.

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