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StaryEyes1978 Thu 25-Nov-21 11:03:49

So 7DPO on cycle 5 TTC No 2.

Completely stressed. Not working at the moment so nothing to distract me! Anyone else in the TWW want to keep me company 😊.

Obsessing over every possible symptom! Help!!

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20viona Wed 01-Dec-21 07:30:58

It's so difficult to get a good photo it's defo more obvious in real life. Not sure what to think!

WhatTheEll Wed 01-Dec-21 09:35:55

@20viona definitely there, I see 👀 🥳

Beth262 Wed 01-Dec-21 12:41:57

@BellaBella1984 so disappointing there's no sign of af or a line for you. I'm going to hold out until tomorrow when I'll be 14dpo. Still not hopeful. No symptoms for me either 😕

@20viona def a very faint line there! Like Bellabella84 I'd test again in a few days if it was me but its certainly looking good. Congratulations! 🤗 x

Sunbird24 Wed 01-Dec-21 17:37:35

I’m rubbish at this TWW thing… bought a test on the way back to my hotel from my work thing as I was feeling ropey today and peeing more than usual.
10dpo, or 5dp5dt. I just can’t get excited yet as I’ve been here 3 times before. It’s a good start though.

Beth262 Wed 01-Dec-21 19:09:40

Aww @Sunbird24 a muted congratulations to you. Just remember, it's the first hurdle out of the way and everything crossed it works out this time for you 🤞💕
Hope your work thing hasn't been too tough x

WhatTheEll Wed 01-Dec-21 20:05:35

@Sunbird24 congratulations!! 🎉🥳


Catlosingtheplot Wed 01-Dec-21 22:05:35

Hey ladies,

Can I please tag on?

I’m 9DPO. I have a 12 yr DS and 10 yr DD. We very much would now like another bambino.. DTD 5 days before ovulation due to DH work.

Very hard not to symptom spot and I defo need therapy for my addiction to POAS!!

I’m so sorry to all who have had loses…I’m with you on that.

Need some TWW friends

Sending baby dust to all xx

Beth262 Thu 02-Dec-21 06:43:38

@Catlosingtheplot Welcome! I think most of us here have poas additions so you're in good company 😆

After my bfn at 10dpo, I managed to avoid poas again until this morning (14dpo) and defo don't need any help to decipher if this is an indent or positive! Like @Sunbird24 though, can't get too excited yet but thinking positively.

Baby dust to all those of you not quite in the testing window yet xx

20viona Thu 02-Dec-21 07:15:34

@Beth262 @Sunbird24 @Catlosingtheplot congrats! This is my CB today again it's pretty noticeable in real life but I want to pick up some FRER today.

Catlosingtheplot Thu 02-Dec-21 07:52:02

Ahh congratulations to you all and fingers crossed for sticky babies xxx

BellaBella1984 Thu 02-Dec-21 09:44:29

🥳Ah congratulations for all you with your BFPs!🥳

There seems so many that I don't want to tag in case I miss someone! Me on the other hand am just going to take some painkillers and run a hot bath 🙄 Think I'll order an Ovusense this month, does anyone on here use one already?

Clem90 Thu 02-Dec-21 09:48:35

Congratulations everyone and joining in the good news!
Good luck to everyone else still waiting to poas or for future months.

20viona Thu 02-Dec-21 10:34:33

Congrats to all! Can't deny the digi! Now I have to tell the husband!

Catlosingtheplot Thu 02-Dec-21 22:28:02

So unless I’m having an implantation bleed on D11 PO I think I’m out this month ☹️

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