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Sweetpea12 Sun 01-Nov-20 16:21:26

Was wondering if anyone has had similar tests to this. I had my peak on cycle day 9 but the photo wouldn’t upload on this app so have it on another one and I had signs of upcoming ovulation EWCM and pain one side but now the last few days I’ve had high readings and a peak. I’m due my period in 5 days so are those readings normal at this time of the cycle?

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MamaMoonbeam Sun 01-Nov-20 16:26:40

Im sure you'd get more out of testing if you did it at the same time each day. My OPK results vary during a day. I would say best readings are taken early - mid afternoon.

Sweetpea12 Sun 01-Nov-20 16:28:48

Only reason it’s not at same time is because I work full time 9 hours a day and awake at all different hours. So maybe not getting the best results then. I had read online you can test between 8 am and 8pm I thought but I’ll take that advice and try and test around the same times

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Cjg14 Sun 01-Nov-20 17:06:13

Yes I have been having exactly the same and I don't know why. I wrote a post the other day asking the same.

Sweetpea12 Sun 01-Nov-20 17:11:34

@Cjg14 I usually don’t continue to have highs or peaks near my period so I find it a bit odd. The female body is a fascinating thing lol

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Cjg14 Sun 01-Nov-20 17:18:10

I'm the same and never had this before. Some months I don't have a peak or have 1 really early on cd5-7. I do have a low amh though so maybe it's all connected confused

Sweetpea12 Sun 01-Nov-20 17:21:00

Mine is usually around cycle day 10 and then it’s messing up my predictions. Have you temped with your tests at all? Hopefully it’s just a one off as I’ve been trying to conceive again from July last year and this is making it confusing and hard to keep track off

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Cjg14 Sun 01-Nov-20 18:18:04

I was doing previous months but I've given up as we have also been trying for a long time. I'm blessed to already have two children but I had always thought about and wanted 3 (or 4 grin) and wasn't expecting to struggle like we are. Do you temp?

PurpleIsTheColour Sun 01-Nov-20 18:50:08

Your CD 9 reading is not peak so I would say that your ovulation was delayed and it’s happening atm which is what your peak is indicating. Without bbt you can’t confirm for sure and sometimes even with periods that are like clockwork ov can be delayed and people get a second surge so I would get down to dtd. 🙂🤞

Sweetpea12 Sun 01-Nov-20 20:14:11

That’s good to know it came up as a peak on the other app I was having problems with it reading on Premom so put it Femometer. Earlier this evening I had a peak again on a clearblue ovulation this never happens to me so I’m glad I DTD last night as might be a chance. Thank you for the comment it’s good to have insightful info smile

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Sweetpea12 Sun 01-Nov-20 20:15:33

This was where it said peak

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Louisa199 Mon 02-Nov-20 07:18:12

@Sweetpea12 don't you think maybe CD9 is too early for a true peak? Did you keep testing after CD9? But your last two tests are confusing me, I can not help to think that you did ovulation around CD10 then it is the HCG levels that mess with the LH test and you got false postive recently.grin I would keep testing to see how the T/C ratio changes, if it stays positive for a few more days, you want to take a pregnancy test.

Sweetpea12 Mon 02-Nov-20 10:01:15

I had tested once just on cycle day 10 and because it was so low I just didn’t bother testing the rest of the day blush I probably should have smile I have never had a peak around this time as I looked through my other cycles and I remember having a high reading the day before AF but it’s never been a peak. I’m gonna test my LH soon and see and maybe think about a pregnancy test. It’s just gutting when it isn’t positive as I always seem to get my hopes up

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Sweetpea12 Mon 02-Nov-20 14:22:42

Curiosity got the better of me

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Toastedsesame Mon 02-Nov-20 14:54:01

Wow congrats @Sweetpea12 ! So did you ovulate on cd9 do you think?

Cjg14 Mon 02-Nov-20 15:25:42

Congratulations smile

Sweetpea12 Mon 02-Nov-20 15:35:56

I think I have ovulated then as it was back down to a low reading the next day. Thank you I’m getting more tests to confirm as I’m a worrier

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jessi60 Mon 02-Nov-20 15:39:53

I was just about to say you can have positive ovulation tests with a high result when your actually pregnant !! Congrats ! Xx

Overlyanxious Mon 02-Nov-20 16:06:34

Hi, has anyone used the femometer app? I got an LH surge on Friday from a clear blue test and was tracking my temperature - Mu temperature has been a bit higher then usual but the app has said it can’t confirm ovulation. I’m a bit confused as I thought a higher temperature indicated ovulation. I also had cramps on Friday/ Saturday.

Sweetpea12 Mon 02-Nov-20 16:16:44

Tested with a clear blue and I’m 2-3 weeks smile

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Cjg14 Mon 02-Nov-20 16:23:41

Ah that's added confirmation congrats smile have you had any symptoms at all?

Overlyanxious Mon 02-Nov-20 16:26:54

Congratulations @Sweetpea12

Sweetpea12 Mon 02-Nov-20 16:35:03

Thank you smile I have had cramping the last two days really low down, sore boobs and just this bloated feeling at night time and my bbt was high this morning and wouldn’t have been that close to my period coming

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