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BBT ever been inaccurate?

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Stabal Sat 31-Oct-20 19:14:35

This is probably a stupid question but has anyone had their BBT be incorrect? I feel like I ovulated on Monday.. Had a positive OPK Saturday, EWCM, cramps and spotting but my BBT has not shown a sustained rise in temps. I'm feeling generally yucky as I usually do in my luteal phase with PMDD. I've not been going to bed until near 2am for 2 weeks (in N.I and on lockdown fiancé and I enjoying some time together watching mindless TV lol) and I set my alarm for temping for 6.30.. Could this have thrown things off a bit? I normally don't sleep well and waken a lot but have always still seen a pattern and got a rise so I assumed it would be okay 🤷🏻‍♀️
Anyone found their chart wrong and did actually ovulate, confirmed by bloods or BFP etc?

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Kay00 Sun 01-Nov-20 00:09:16

I have had 3 x LH surges this cycle each one I had a high soft cervix, fertile CM, high OPKs (although I never caught my peak) and a high sex drive... but only the 3rd surge resulted in a temp rise which confirmed ovulation. So I would assume you haven't ovulated yet but you might soon... so keep testing and keep DTD 😊

Stabal Sun 01-Nov-20 12:29:57

@Kay00 thank you. I decided to just temp this cycle because the devastation every month from my MMC in May was really getting to me but I tested with the OPK last Saturday because of the spotting. So I'm just confused. I feel like I'm in my luteal phase, CM is white and lotiony. Maybe I'm just not going to ovulate at all this cycle.

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