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Anyone’s PMS/TWW symptoms disappear then go on to get a BFP?

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Izzie94 Mon 28-Sep-20 13:46:12

Hi everyone,

Every month I get sore boobs, sometimes from O, sometimes a little later. They usually then get less sore and AF arrives. Has any had that happen and still get a BFP? I always count myself out when they start to tail off 😂 but have been relentlessly googling about symptoms dropping off before BFPs!!!

Basically I’m 3 days late, 9 months ttc ahhhhh, pregnancy test sat upstairs, and clutching at straws waiting to test but also feels pointless with my boobs only hurting if I squeeze them! 😅

Yes, I am crazy. Aren’t we all lol.

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EThreepwood Mon 28-Sep-20 13:52:51

Test! 3 days late should have a squinter at least.

I don't get the pregnancy symptoms at period due time. Last 2 pregnancies I didn't get my BFP until 6 weeks because I had discounted pregnancy.

In fairness one was straight after a MMC and the newest was having a BFN when my period was due and starting a "period" on that day too!

I'm 21 weeks pregnant now.

Izzie94 Mon 28-Sep-20 13:56:13

@EThreepwood thanks for your reply lovely! Ah thank you and congratulations on your pregnancy ✨

I’m going to try and hold my wee a few more hours and test! 🤞🏼 If not, cycle 10 come at me lol!

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