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Help please ttc but negative tests and feel pregnant!

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Kirkylurky01 Mon 14-Sep-20 16:10:39

Hi @Kay00 thanks for getting back to me 😊 I had my mirena coil removed during endometriosis surgery end of June and had my first proper period starting 06/08. This odd light bleed then appeared 02/09 so should be CD28. I'm just so confused because I've had symptoms since before the bleed start of September started so I don't really know what to do now!

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Kay00 Mon 14-Sep-20 16:04:11

Hi @Kirkylurky01 is it your first period off the contraceptive pill as well as your other meds? I have experienced very light periods since I come off the pill, so you may have had a light period too. If so then you would be approaching CD14 (ish) and due to ovulate (which could be giving you some of the symptoms??). If you did not have a period then you would be about 6 weeks pregnant by now, and your tests should be showing something (although I have read a few stories about women who took ages to get a positive on a test... so you never know).

Kirkylurky01 Mon 14-Sep-20 13:56:45

Hi ladies..
It's my first post on here so I'll try and keep it as short as possible. I have endometriosis and had a large surgery in June to remove extensive endo and had my mirena coil removed. I was cleared to TTC straight away. I had to come off some medication so we started trying in July. Got my first proper period start of August. Started feeling very nauseous, tired and upset about a week after I think I ovulated (told by GP not to chart etc just regular intercourse). Then I got what I thought was my period start of September. Pretty upset but got on with it. However, it was Super light. Lasted about 4 days, never got any heavier and was just light pink and brown. So I took a test a couple of days after it started - negative. I then started to go off food, hated the taste of coffee and beer. Took another a week later - still negative. I'm still feeling so fatigued I could sleep for days and nauseous and also my boobs look different. Can anyone shed any advice here? Sorry for the essay 😊

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