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Can anyone see the faint line?

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Dizin Mon 07-Sep-20 12:44:06

Hi all, I am 3 months off the pill and yesterday noticed a massive dip in my morning temperature. Today it went back up do on a whim I decided to take a pregnancy test at 7dpo. The blue is the HCG test, the green is an OPK.

Heres my chart also

Can anyone see lines? Also is 7DPO too early to even confirm pregnancy?

Any opinions are welcomed!

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wishing3 Mon 07-Sep-20 12:46:21

I can see a v faint one. Fingers crossed for you!

Dizin Mon 07-Sep-20 12:51:50

Thank you, so im not crazy then! I really hope this sticks!

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ivfbeenbusy Mon 07-Sep-20 13:02:57

7DPO is too early really (I didn't get a faint line on these tests until 9/10DPO and that's with twins)

You often get a surge of hcg when an embryo tries to implant hence why people can get a faint reading this early but in a lot of cases implantation doesn't complete - I'd wait and test on 9dpo

Baby2123 Mon 07-Sep-20 13:11:48

Mine was exactly like that on Saturday on a cheepie and also FR 8PO. Did a clear blue digital yesterday that confirmed 1-2 weeks. Fingers crossed for you!! Xx

Dizin Mon 07-Sep-20 13:26:21

Thank you i do plan to test everyday until my suspected period due date to hopefully get a progression line.

But i agree, its super early and may not stick! Fingers crossed

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Dizin Mon 07-Sep-20 13:27:40

Thank you! Im going to continue testing with cheapies and then by a First Response late this week!

So excited!

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Dizin Tue 08-Sep-20 10:41:38

8DPO and nothing this morning ladies.

I really shouldn't have tested this early.... you live and learn!

Will wait to test on the weekend. Temperature still up so that's a good sign at least

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