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PumpkinsAndBroomsticks Sat 05-Sep-20 14:45:01

I've had abnormal spotting for years now. A transvaginal scan has shown I have a fibroid and this could be what's causing it, as well as needed to pee a lot, heavy periods etc.

I am 30 next year and this has worried me. Could this mean I won't be able to conceive ? I have not actively TTC but the rhythm method has worked a bit too well since my early 20s. The urge for kids has not kicked in for my yet but I don't like to think I will never be able to have them. But I would rather know now if I can't if that makes sense? Has anyone here had problems with fibroids?

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Elakiya Sat 05-Sep-20 15:15:45

I think it depends on location and size. So if its small and not really blocking anything you'll probably be fine.

A friend of mine had all her fibroids removed recently so is trying to conceive however the surgery left one of her tubes blocked so she might have IVF instead.

I don't want to mention this to scare you however I think you need to know what the dangers are, a friend of mine had fibroids she was given medication for it but it grew so big that she had no option but to have a hysterectomy. I have no idea how quick they grow to be honest so I am afraid I can't give much detail on that front.

I know quite a lot of people that have had fibroids removed and gone on to have happy healthy babies though smile.

ForeverHopeful17 Sat 05-Sep-20 17:01:06

Many people who have fibroids didn't realise they had them until they went for pregnancy scans, so it is definitely possible to conceive naturally with fibroids. As pp mentioned it really depends on location, so it would be worth speaking to a professional to find out where they are located and any future implications on pregnancy

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