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Contraceptive implant

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Bk23 Wed 12-Aug-20 14:07:50

Hey i have just had my implant removed, any other ladies that have had it, how long did it take you to get pregnant?

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eastview Wed 12-Aug-20 20:45:00

Hey! I had mine out last week of January last year and I was pregnant by March. I unfortunately miscarried but it didn't take long at all. I had 1 period then got pregnant the cycle after. I was using ovulation tests and it worked for me first time. Good luck. Xx

Feralkidsatthecampsite Wed 12-Aug-20 20:46:44

I had a dc 9 months and 10 days post removal!! No period in between.

userabcname Wed 12-Aug-20 20:47:33

It took 8 months after having it out.

Bk23 Thu 13-Aug-20 09:25:37

Thanks, its nice to see everyones stories

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