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I don't know the father of my baby

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DeniseCess Sat 25-Jul-20 03:08:00

Hello guys. I need your help. I don't know who is the father of my baby. I had intercourse with two guys. My 1st day of my last period was May 6, 2019. I had intercourse: May 3, May 6, May 10/11, May 29.

I gave birth February 9, 2020. Please enlighten me. Thanks.

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MovingtoCardiff Sat 25-Jul-20 03:10:05

Do you have long or short cycles? If the former, probably the one you had sex with on 10th/11th. If the latter, prob the one on 29th.

Why don't you just get a DNA test?

haveyoutriedgoogle Sat 25-Jul-20 03:13:06

No one here is a geneticist (well they might be, but they can’t test this via a message board). The dates are all very close. You need a DNA test.

ivfdreaming Sat 25-Jul-20 03:13:21

Take a DNA test - none of us can tell you for sure

DeniseCess Sat 25-Jul-20 03:18:05

Short cycle

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DeniseCess Sat 25-Jul-20 03:20:36

The May 10/11 and 29 is the same guy...

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FrustratedMess Sat 25-Jul-20 03:24:13

Get a DNA test ffs

kazzer2867 Sat 25-Jul-20 03:54:35

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

Ridiculous post. Get a DNA test.

CoffeeRunner Sat 25-Jul-20 04:11:30

Where’s Jeremy Kyle when you need him?

Seriously though. There’s no way of knowing. I would guess at 29th May. But a guess isn’t really good enough is it?

PatricksRum Sat 25-Jul-20 04:12:26

February, as in 5 months ago? And you haven't bothered to do anything about it?
The mind boggles.

Aramox Sat 25-Jul-20 04:14:59

May 10/11 and 29. Obviously not the earlier two as you were on your last cycle then. Good thing they’re the same guy.

OccasionalNachos Sat 25-Jul-20 04:17:13

I’d say the later May dates are most likely, but purely based on the fact that I had a baby on 1 Feb and I know they were conceived around 10 May. Did you give birth on your due date?

You need a DNA test.

DeniseCess Sat 25-Jul-20 04:18:10

Coz I'm worried to go out with my baby because of the Pandemic.

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DeniseCess Sat 25-Jul-20 04:20:24

Yes. That's my due date. February 9. Thanks

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ArriettyJones Sat 25-Jul-20 04:20:35


The May 10/11 and 29 is the same guy...

Then it’s almost certainly him.

The sex in early May would have been too long before ovulation.

MynameisHappind Sat 25-Jul-20 04:29:29

110% its the may 10 and 29 guy because you had a period after sex with guy no.1

DeniseCess Sat 25-Jul-20 04:29:38

Thanks a lot! I appreciate🙏

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DeniseCess Sat 25-Jul-20 04:30:11

Thanks 🙏

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ArriettyJones Sat 25-Jul-20 04:30:17

I hope he’s a good guy. smile

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