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Should I give up caffeine?

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Natureotter Tue 21-Jul-20 18:13:34

I’ve just started ttc. First cycle.
I think I ovulated yesterday as I always get bad ovulation pains and crazy libido blush
I’m now on my Tww.
I have a bad habit of drinking an energy drink in the mornings and then one or two weeks or coffee in the afternoon.
Doing some research and it’s coming up with caffeine and it’s links to miscarriage! Apparently twice as likely to miscarry by having two cups of coffee a day!!?
I had a mc two years ago at only six weeks. So even if I do fall, I’m worried it won’t stick.
Should I give up the coffee completely? And does that include things like Diet Coke? I think I’m gonna have to give up energy drinks as a matter of common sense but I can’t see myself going without coffee for god knows how long grin

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Natureotter Tue 21-Jul-20 18:14:38

That should say two cups of coffee a day not two weeks

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Teacaketotty Tue 21-Jul-20 18:17:49

I drank coffee while TTC and never had any issues, I also didn’t know I was pregnant over the Xmas period (found out New Year’s Day) and safe to say there was a fair amount of Prosecco and gin consumed during the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. Now a very healthy one year old!

LittleMissSunshine2020 Tue 21-Jul-20 18:21:33

I read something similar when I was TTC. I used to drink 4/5 cups a day blush

I cut down to one cup of coffee each day and switched to caffeine free coke. When I got pregnant I went off coffee anyway and now drink caffeine free tea. I'm now 22 weeks pregnant!

dementedpixie Tue 21-Jul-20 18:22:56

You can have 200mg of caffeine a day when pregnant. Drink decaff diet coke or try decaff coffee sometimes. Lay off the energy drinks

Bluesky2021 Tue 21-Jul-20 18:26:19

It's entirely up to you and comes down to what you feel comfortable with. NHS guidelines state you can have 200mg a day - they break down the caffeine content of different drinks/chocolate on their website. I'm personally still having my allowance/less than my allowance of caffeine and then moving onto decaf. I'm not pregnant, just TTC. I have found it far, far easier to cut out alcohol than caffeine! 😂

Natureotter Tue 21-Jul-20 18:34:40

Oh yes cutting out alcohol is definitely easier than caffeine grin oddly I would feel comfortable having a glass of something ttc instead of caffeine. confused which makes me think that I’m paranoid about my level of caffeine intake and I should maybe give myself a talking to.
I have a physical job (postie) so I rely on caffeine way too much. I’m also paranoid that my job is going to make me miscarry too. I’m not even pregnant yet!
I was devastated when I miscarried two years ago, I was on holiday at the time. I think I’m going to be super paranoid now.

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Bluesky2021 Tue 21-Jul-20 20:28:28

sorry to hear that 💕 I've had 2 MC too, so i appreciate how much anxiety comes with ttc. I think I'm going to try and keep to one caffeinated drink a day after this chat.

Hope things go your way! I'm sure your work will have things in place for pregnant employees if you so needed. 😁

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