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Sorry ladies, yet another line eyes please!

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strugglingtocope111 Mon 20-Jul-20 18:26:52

Never thought I would make one of these threads as I have never tested early before. Currently on cycle 6 (I think) of TTC #2 - 9DPO. I'm not sure what prompted me to test, but I've just had a niggling feeling all weekend and I knew I had some ICs somewhere so just thought oh screw it.

Can anyone else see it? I know it's barely there but I'm almost convinced I can see something....

I am at max 9DPO but with DS I got a digital PREGNANT result at 11DPO.

What do you think???

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alicewasahorse Mon 20-Jul-20 18:32:56

I can see it

Gunpowder Mon 20-Jul-20 18:34:36

I can see it too!

upsidedownwavylegs Mon 20-Jul-20 18:46:22

Test your eyes next OP. That’s a not-even-faint line grin congratulations!

Kalecat Mon 20-Jul-20 18:50:33

Oh yeah you can easily see that. Test again tomorrow and update us!

chrissagcat Mon 20-Jul-20 18:59:14

Defo a line!

AppleKatie Mon 20-Jul-20 19:11:42

Is that your leg all covered in pee grin

And yes it looks like a line to me. Give it a few days though and do the next one with FMU.

strugglingtocope111 Mon 20-Jul-20 19:20:52

Hahahah yes it's my leg, but no not covered in pee! Just a weird shadow by the looks of it.

But thank you all so much. I can't even tell you how I'm feeling right now. I've been so irrationally emotional all month (long before I could've been pg) and had convinced myself that this would never happen again for us, so we're absolutely besides ourselves if it's true.

DH ran straight to the shops to get two FRER's so I said I'd wait until FMU tomorrow and do the first one then. Will keep you updated but fingers crossed!!

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strugglingtocope111 Mon 20-Jul-20 20:03:36

Very early update, obviously couldn't wait until FMU but here's my FRER gringringringringrin

No mistaking that!!

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AppleKatie Mon 20-Jul-20 20:18:25

Oh OP! Congratulations 🥳

Kalecat Mon 20-Jul-20 20:20:43

@strugglingtocope111 omg that's amazing! Congrats! 😍

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